Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery Continued

and First Presbyterian Church Records

William Gamber (Gambier)

Cem. Lot 53
Nothing left. Stones may have crumbled away, if any.

James Gardner

Cem. Lot 34
James B. Gardner      b. -1825                d. -1898           age 73 yrs.
Emily Roworth, wife   b. -1827                d. -1886           age 59 yrs.
Fannie, their dau.      b. -1851                d. -1866           age 15 yrs. 

Ishmiael Gardner and wife Fannie lived in Rhode Island. They had 3 sons and 1 daughter. About 1858 their two oldest sons came to Hopewell and settled on Sect. 53, which is toward Clifton Springs. The following year James B. Gardner, the 3rd son who was then 14 came with his widowed mother from Rennesleer Co. by way of the Erie Canal. About 1856-7 James bought the farm on the turnpike, Sect. 46 which had been the Lemuel Babcock place, across the road from the Birdseye farm.

James and Emily, his wife had four children, Fannie who died at the age of 15; Charles, whose
1st wife was Nettie Spangle, 2nd wife Mary Cassort. He died in 1933, leaving no childrene Sarah, born 1857, and did not marry. William who taught school for a few yrs. in the home district. He married Cora Brisee, and they had two daughters, Irma and Elsie. Both married and lived in the eastern part of the state. Will became a postal clerk on the railroad, and they then lived in New York City.

Emily Jane, the one daughter of Ishmael Gardner and sister of James, married James Cassort, son of David Cassort and his wife Sarah Pheips. Their daughter Julia P. Married Dr. Watson W. Archer of Clifton Springs.

Mrs. James Gardner had a flower garden in the south west corner of their front yard, near the road, quite lovely and well kept. Years later, when her son Will was then an elderly man, he sent me this poem or his own composing, which he called "Memories." Prehaps it will be well to enclose it here. The letter was postmarked Flushing, N.Y. and dated June 24,1937.


A Poem written by Will Gardner, probably at around age 70.

I long for the home of my childhood
     For my mother, gracious and fair
With her dear smiling face surrounded
     by a wealth of soft raven hair.

My mem'ry ever will linger
     In the heart of the boy she bore
As she pointed the way to Heaven,
     The road to the Everlasting shore.

From early morn to dewey eve,
     Her labor and toil was one of love
As she fashioned her gentle life
     For that beautiful home above.

How will I remember her love
     For her favorite garden of flowers
Where she would wander at eventide
     After the toil of drudging hours.

Where the roses seem to brighten,
     And respond to her tender care
While the fragrance of mignonette,
     Arose, and drifted thru the air.

And the little dark faced pansies,
     That near the ststely lilies grew
Each longing for her loving touch
     Along with modest violets blue.

But now that home on the old "turnpike,"
     Responds to the tread of other feet
And that dear old fashioned garden
     Is simply a mem'ry, soft and sweet.



Daniel Gates, Sr.

Cem. Lot 22
Daniel Gates, Sr.           b. -1745           d. -15 May 1832     age 87 yrs.  7 mos.
Milcah Ludden, his wife  b. -1769           d. -25 Jan 1846      age 77 yrs   9 mos.

Joseph B. Gates            b. -1802           d. -03 May 1881     age 79 yrs.
Pamelia B. Cook, his wife b. -1798         d. -05 Sep 1869      age 71 yrs.
Church Records :
Mary Cook            Ex. for membership -20 Jun 1833      Dis -24 Jan 1836

Daniel Gates                                                           Died -15 May 1832
Electa Gates
Pamelia Gates      Ex. -02 Feb 1834
Jane Gates           Ex.   "   "      "                               Dis. -1867

Mr. Spencer Gates     Ex. -30 Dec 1863                        Dis -1868
Jennet (Janet)his wife Ex. "     "     "                             "      "

Pamelia Gates (Adult) Bapt. -02 Feb 1834
Elisha Ludden and Daniel Newton, children of Pamelia Gates, Bapt. -1834
Joseph Spencer, a child of Pamelia                                      Bapt. -30 Apr 1836
John Cook,         "   "     "     "                                            Bapt. -1 Jul 1841
Mary Milcah, a child of Pamelia Gates.                                 Bapt. -jul 1841

Genett (Janet) a child of Jane Gates.                                   Bapt. -1 Sep 1839

According to church records Mary Cook came from Waterloo ?

Daniel Gates

Cem. Lot No. 2A & 4A
Daniel Gates           b. -1835           d. -26 Jan 1885            age 50 yrs.
Mary Milcah, wife     b. 18 Dec 1840  d. -28 Apr 1917            age 77 yrs.

Mary Jaenette (Nettie) dau.  b. -31 Oct  1873  d. -14 Feb 1886

Baby, Dau. of Esther P. (Gates) Cook and Arthur M. Cook
                                        b. -7 Jan 1905  d. -8 Jan 1905

Cem. Lot No. 48
Capt. Daniel Gates,        b. -1771         d. -15 Dec 1812   age 41 yrs.
Susannah, his wife         b. -1777         d. -21 Feb 1856   age 79 yrs.
Mary, their Daughter       b. -1809         d. -8 Aug 1826    age 17 yrs.

Richard Gates                b. -1818         d. -4 Apr 1851     age 33 yrs.
Benjamin Gates             b. -1835         d. -17 Aug 1856   age 21 yrs. 11 mos.
Thomas Gates               b. -1826         d. -4 May 1849     age 23 yrs.

Moses S. Gates             b. -1800         d. -13 Jul 1869     age 69 yrs.
Sarah S. Gates             b. -1805         d. -10 Jul 1868     age 63 yrs.

Sarah Ann, their dau.    b. -1841         d. -9 Apr 1850      age 9 yrs.

Esther, dau. of
Cyrus & Jane Gates      b. -1823         d. -11 Sep 1825    age 2 yrs. 9 mos.

Dr. Augustus Torry       b. -1778         d. -30 Nov 1858    age 80 yrs.
(Susannah Gates 2nd husband)
Church Records :     
Sally Gates                Ex. -8 Dec 1831   Bapt. -1 Jan 1832   Died  -10 Jul 1868
Electa Gates              Ex. -17 Mar 1833

Thomas, Darwin, Joseph Ludden, children of Sally Gates. Bapt. -31 Dec 1833

Emily, Matilda, Leonard, children of Electa Gates.           Bapt. -31 Dec 1833
Benjamin Franklin, a child of Sally Gates.                      Bapt. -2 Jul 1837
James Gates, a child of Electa Gates                            Bapt. -1 May 1842

Lorinda Torrey (Torry)  Ex. -May 1838
Olive Torry                 Ex.    "    

  Buel Gates

Cem. Lot 78
Buel Gates                 b. -1 Aug 1810    d. -16 Sep 1878   age 68 yrs.
Fedelia Gates, wife     b. -28 Nov 1812   d. -
Harriet, their dau.       b.                      d. -Sep               age 3 mos. 18 days

Fordys Gates  

Cem. Lot 89
Fordys Gates             b. -1805              d. -17 Oct 1877   age 72 yrs.
Electa, his wife          b. -1805              d. -30 Apr 1879   age 74 yrs.

Leonard, their son      b. -10 Jul 1830      d. -2 Jun 1903     age 73 yrs.
Betsy Birdseye, wife   b. -19 Oct 1829     d. -11 Apr 1891   age 62 yrs.

Fordys, their son        b. -
Church Records :
Emma Gates            Ex. -Dec 1842  (dau. of Leonard and Betsy)
Fordys Gates and Electa, his wife may have lived on the farm just south of the cemetery, east side. He may have built that house. That was where their son Leonard and his family lived. Emma, their daughter married Eli Woodward of Reeds Corners and their daughter lived in Rochester. Jason Gates, a son, married Jennie Kipp and their one son, William, lived in Canandaigua. He had two married children. Fordys married Alice Douglas of Reeds Corners. He left no children.  

This Gates family is directly descended from John and Priscilla Alden of
Mayflower fame.

A descendancy chart for my Mayflower connection.

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