Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery Continued

Hopewell Township, Ontario County, New York

Page 6 William M. Clark

Cem. Lot 92
Charles W. son of
William M. Clark                  d. 4 Nov 1859    Age 3 yrs. 9 mo.

Church Records :
Sarah, Winslow, Fisk, William, James, children of Sister Clark.
                Bapt. 1 Dec 1833
Lucy Maria, Myron, Brazella, Samuel, Reed, Mary Jane,
                Children of Brother and Sister Clark Bapt. 31 Dec 1833
William F. Clark enlisted in the Civil War in 1864 in
         the 24th NY. Cav.
I think the Clarks lived on the Mary Gates Place across from Bert Moore


lewis Coller

Cem. lot 57
Lewis Watson, son of
Lewis Coller & wife Martha.              d. 1 Jun 1837        Age 7 yrs. 9 mo.
Church record :
Samuel Coller             Ex. 6 May 1838         Dis. 1848
Chet. Coller was father-in-law to Ben Newman. C. A. Coller lived on
the Jerry Breen farm and moved to Flint Creek.


Lewis Watson; died 1839; ae (?);




Cem. Lot 25.

(Warren Cone died in Toronto, Can. 1800-1863.)
(Sally Ann Case, lst wife, Buried on Lot 33    D-July 16,1835.     Age 32 yrs.

Mary Ann Cone,
wife of Erasmus Snow.                                D-Sept.22,            Age 27 yrs.9 mos.
with her infant dau. named Jane Snow.


                       JAMES CONE 

Corn. Lot 87.
James L. Cone.     B-Dec. 15, 1822      D-Feb.6 ,1901.     Age 79.    
Ednah C. Beech, wife    B-May 16 ,1822.         D-Dec .6,1890.   Age 68.

Alice Belle, dau.      D-Feb. 10,   1858
Jarnie, son            D-1862.



Cem Lot 5A.
David W, Cone.                B-1850.S
arah J. Huntsman, wife   B-1865.

William M. their son.         B-1892.  D-1918.    Age 26 years.




Cem. Lot 6A.

Winfield S. Cone.             B   1846.     D-1920.      Age 74 years.

Josehine Mitchell, wife         B-   1851      D-1930.      Age 79 years.


David W. Cone (Cude) 1st wife was Kate Arnold, dau. of Elisha Arnold and at her death was buried on her father's lot No. 2. They had no children. My records say that James Cone lived on Sect. 40 but when I knew them the family lived on Sect.44. David W. and Sarah, his wife had three children, William, who died ; Edna, who married John Griffin, and is now a widow living in Caledonia, N.Y. and Joy Cone who married Homer Salisbury. She is now a widow living at Hopewell Center. 

Daniel Cone came to America About 1650. Died 1676He had a son  Caleb Cone, who also had a son Caleb. Caleb,2nd had a son Ozias , whose son Ozias was born in Conway, Mass. He and his wife Mercy Warren Cone came to Ont. Co. around 1790 and settled on sect.19. He died in 1805. His wife Mercy Warren Cone, later married George Brundage  and is buried on lot 47.

Ozias and Mercy had 5 children Warren Cone 1800-1863 (see above).  Lydia Cone 1803-1832 who married Ezekiel Birdseye and is buried on lot no.l2; and another dau. Mary, who married a Bryant. T
hey had 5 children. Warren Cone's 2nd wife was Pamelia Hawes and their children were Will Cone of' Rochester, and Julia Friedlander, the mother of Esther Friedlander, Minneapolis, Minn. and who has helped in the support of the old Cemetery. Lydia Cone Birdseye was a Great-grand-mother of Wil1iam Gates of Canandaigua and also of Clara Woodward of Rochester.   


S. Conklin


Cem. Lot 23
Capt. Samuel Conklin   b. 1762     d. 19 Sep 1825     Age 63 yrs.
May, his wife              b. 1760     d. 9 May 1840      Age 80 yrs.
From thier ages and dates the Conklins must have been early settlers
somewhere in Hopewell, or Gorham.

Mary, wife of Isaac; died Sep 24 1815; ae 54 yrs; (next to Capt. John Hart);

Stanleigh Gates Cook; 1907-1977;
Adelaide Benson Cook, his wife; 1908-2001; on stone with Stanleigh;
Evelyn Mary; 1911-1982; "Sister"; on stone with Stanleigh;

Infant dau of Arthur M. & Esther G.; 1905-1905; on stone with Daniel Gates;
Arthur M.; Mar 22 1877 - Apr 5 1957;
Esther Gates; July 30 1877 - Mar 11 1973; on stone with Arthur M.;

Derrick Corson

Cem. Lot 73
(Derrick Corson buried in the Hayes Cem. near South Lyon Mich.)
Charity, his wife   b. -1770     d. -19 Sep 1831      Age 61 yrs.

(Jacob Corson)
Harriet, his wife,
dau. of Chas. & Rhoda Cooley b. -1817  d. -30 Apr 1832  Age 25 yrs.

(Lafford Corson)
(Amaret, his wife)
Jane Corson, their dau.                    d. -Feb 1832

Sarah Corson Reznor         b. -1804   d. -1836      Age 32 yrs.
Esther Reznor, her dau.     b. -1829   d. -1847      Age 18 yrs.

Jane Boyd, wife of John Reznor         d. -8 Jul 1846
Church Records :
Charity Corson         A 1st member
Nancy Corson          Ex 8 Dec 1831           Dis 3 Sep 1836
John Corson            Ex 3 Mar 1832           Dis      "
Derrick Corson         Ex 6 May 1832          Dis 2 Oct 1836
Sally Reznor            Ex 1 Jul 1832           Died 27 Mar 1837
Cynthia Rogers        Ex 2 Feb 1834           Dis Sep 1834


Cem. Lot 49.
Lafferd Corson      b. -1800            d. -18 Dec 1850    Age 50 yrs.
Ameret L. 2nd wife b. -1808           d. -20 Mar 1831    Age 22 yrs. 5 mos.
Jane C. 1st wife     b. -1804           d. -23 feb 1827    Age 23 yrs.
Church Records :
Derrick Lafferd, Samuel, Leiester, Nancy, children of John and Nancy
Corson, bapt. 26 Dec 1833.

Harriet Maria, child of B. & S. Corson, bapt. Aug 1836.
Derrick Corson 1765-1850, his wife Charity Waldron 1770-1836, came from Penn. Their children : (1)Cornelius 1793-1859, married Sally Whitacre, 1795-1844. They had 7 children. Moved to Michigan. (2)John Corson, 1796-1862. His wife was Nancy Brandt, born 1804. (see Cem. Lot 52.) John and Nancy joined the Church in 1832 and were dis. in 1836. (3)Lafferd Corson's 1st wife was Jane C. and 2nd was Ameret Cooly. (4) Jacob Corson 1802-1879. He married Harriet Cooley 1807-1832. They had 3 children, Oscar H. born 1829; Harriet Almira 1832-1918. She died at the Clark Manor House; Elizabeth born 1834; (5) Christian Corson married Elizabeth Thatcher 1804-1829; (6) Sarah Corson married John Reznor, Sarah born 1806-1839. They had 7 children one of which was John Reznor, the carriage maker in Canandaigua, living on East Gibson Street. Some of the others lived near Hornell. The older family of Corsons lived on the County House Rd. west of Smith Corners. The Reznors lived on the present purple farm. Sect. 21.

                                                         Eli Couch

Cem. Lot 32
Larey, son of Eli and Elenor Couch.   d. -9 Aug 1815. Age 8 yrs. 18 days.

                                                        George Couch

Cem. Lot 80.
Joseph Couch            b. -1815      d. -16 Dec 1861      Age 46 yrs.
George Couch            b. -1798      d. -          1810      Age 82 yrs.
Mahala Nichols, wife,  b. -1798      d. -          1878      Age 80 yrs.

George Couch was in the War of 1812. Came to Hopewell in 1815. The
Couch home was on the Turnpike (which is currently rts. 5 and 20), east
of Aloquin. They had 7 children ; Lucinda b. 1818 ; Stephan b. 1819 ;
Amanda b. 1821 ; George Jr. b. 1823 ; Eliza b. 1828 ; Maria b. 1831 ;
Charles b. 1834. Charley Couch married Harriet Woods in 1877 and Carrie E. Smith of Aloquin was their daughter.

George Couch Jr. had two sons, Sumner and Charles. Charles lived in Canandaigua and was in the Insurance Business.

William Polhamus's wife was a Couch.

In Hopewell, July 11, 1856 Deborah Couch, the wife of Joseph Couch, died at the age of 89 years.

George Couch gave the land to Emory Chapel (Aloquin) upon which the present church stands.

Lydia, wife of Nathaniel; died Dec 27 1833; ae 63-7-20;

Samuel Davidson

Cem. Lot 79
Elizabeth Davidson
wife of Samuel Davidson   b. -1767     d. -3 Oct 1841     age 74 yrs.

Robert Davison (Davidson)

Cem. Lot  No. 6
Robert Davidson                               d. -6 Aug 1827
(small marker, perhaps a child)

The Davidsons lived and possibly built the stone house on Sect 16. The Palmer family later owned the place. The house sets back near the center of the farm.


Seth V. DeGraff

Cem. Lot 90.
S. V. DeGraff                d. -1869
Cornelia, his wife          d. -1869
Seth, their son              d. -17 Jan 1855    Age 17 yrs.

(Near Lot 36)
Fred, son of G. A. & Adelphia DeGraff  d. -16 Jul 1863  Age 3 yrs.
Church Records :
Seth DeGraff         by letter 1842.   Elder 1846    Deacon 1847
Cornelia DeGraff     "     "       "
Abraham    "          "     "      1 Jan 1842
Catherine   "          "     "      3 Jul     "
Maria         "          "     "               1843
Polly          "          "     "                 "
William      "          "     "      30 Apr 1859
Polly His wife         "     "       "    "     "
Sarah DeGraff        Ex.                    1843       Dis.  12 May 1844
William DeGraff and Polly, his wife, by letter from the Cong. Ch. of Prattsburgh,      N. Y. 1859
In 1842 Seth DeGraff and wife Cornelia and dau. Catherine, by letter from Presbyterian Ch., Gorham, in 1842-43.
Polly DeGraff, by letter in 1843, from Pres. Ch. Gorham.  
In 1844 Abraham DeGraff, wife and dau. went to the Dutch Reform Ch.
Mary Ann DeGraff, dau. of Abraham & Marcia DeGraff (Maria) became the 2nd wife
of Austin Childs (See Lot 36). On the south end of this lot is a small stone marked Fred, son of G. A. & Adelphia E. DeGraff. The DeGraff family lived on the Cemetery Rd. on the west side, beyond the Leonard Gates place, later the Mumby farm.
Frank DeGraff of the DeGraff Bookstore, Canandaigua, was of this family.

Zemri E. Densmore

Cem. Lot 61
Zemri Densmore    b. -1786    d. 16 Sep 1831       age 45 yrs.
Althea, his wife     b. -1789    d. 19 Nov 1861       age 72 yrs.

Thomas Densmore, son of      d.            1828       age  8 yrs.
Laren Densmore, son of         d.            1836       age 25 yrs.

The Densmores lived on Algerine Street on Sect. 68. James Densmore enlisted
Jan. 5th 1864 into the 50th regiment. Thomas Densmore lived on Sect. 4 of the
township of Seneca, followed by his son Thomas on the same farm.

Hiram; born Jan 13 1814; died Sept 30 1879;
Lucy Ann Beach, wife of Hiram; born Dec 12 1817; died May 31 1909;
Inez R., dau of Hiram & Lucy; died May 7 1868; ae 10 yrs. 7 mos;


Deacon Robert Dickson
John Dixon (Dickson)

Cem. Lot 6.
Deacon Robert Dickson   b. -1744     d. -12 Mar 1813      age 69 yrs.
Agness, his wife            b. -1758     d. -8  May 1823      age 65 yrs.
Samuel Dickson             b. -1780     d. -8  Feb 1813       age 33 yrs.

From these dates it appears this family must have come to Hopewell at an early
date, and they run into hard times with the death of Robert and Samuel the same year. From the ages they may have been father and son. J. H. Dixon (Dickson) lived on the Reeds Corners Road on Sect. 50 and also on Sect. 58. Could John and Samuel have been brothers?

Cem. Lot 30
Hiram DePew             b. -13 Jan 1814     d. -30 Sep 1879     age 65 yrs.
Lucy Ann Beech, wife  b. -12 Dec 1817     d. -31 May 1909    age 92 yrs.
Inez, their dau.                                    d. -very young

Benjamin DePew b -1756 is found in Sussex, NJ. His wife was Ocee Stuyvesent
b. -1759 d. -1831. She is said to be a descendant of Peter Stuyvesent. Their son Moses DePew 1785-1831, wife Polly Crawford 1786-1864. Moses & Polly had 15 children. Their seventh child was Hiram DePew 1814-1879, husband of Aunt Lucy DePew. The oldest child of Moses & Polly was Ocee who married Thomas Brundage, son of George Brundage, Sr. Thomas & Ocee moved to Ohio and had 14 children. Hiram DePew and LucyAnn Beech, his wife, lived on Sect. 44.


Gem. Lot 1.

John Dudley.                          D-Apr.13,1854.                                    Age 58 years.



Zeus, son of Jonathan
& Suaanna Wood.                 D-Sept .16,1818.                                  Age 23 years.
Zeus's wife Sophia                D-2 yrs. married.

Church Records

John Dudley                     Ex. 1850                                    D-July 3,1835.
Mrs. Pamelia Dudley          Ex. 1856.

Leander Wood                       Ex.by letter Nov.1840.                       D-Apr.25. 1841. 

Maria S. Wood                       Ex.by letter Nov.1841.                   D-Apr.25,1844.


The widow Dudley may have lived across from Bert Moores on the Gates place.


T. Dunham

Cem. Lot 58
Timothy Dunham           b -1764       d. -13 May 1834       Age 70 yrs.

George Dunham                              d. -1813
Otis Dunham                                  d. -1814
Spencer Dunham                             d. -1816
Thomas Dunham                             d. -1817
(These are displayed on 4 small stones with insciptions at the bottom)

Thomas Embry

Cem. Lot 1A
Nothing on lot.

James Fosket

Cem. Lot 67
Nothing on the lot. James Fosket was a carpenter and built the John Benham house, and lived with George Freshour. Not married.

Roswell Flint   

Cem. Lot 36.
Parley H. Flint             b. -29 Dec 1794    d. -7 Apr 1859     Age 65 yrs.
Lucy DeWoolf, wife      b. -17 Jan 1786    d. -13 Mar 1836    Age 50 yrs.

Orland Flint                b. -1839              d. -26 May 1852    Age 13 yrs.

Davis Flint                 b. -1787              d. -9 Jun 1863       Age 76 yrs.
Betsey Flint, wife        b. -1788              d.-6 Feb 1855       Age 67 yrs.

Capt. Davis Flint         b. -1748              d. -11 Jun 1836     Age 88 yrs.
Lucy, his wife             b. -1753              d. -31 jul 1850      Age 97 yrs.

Ann (Flint) wife of       b. -1820              d. -23 Dec. 1851   Age 31 yrs.
Chauncey Stone
Church Records :
Lucy Flint                 An early member
Betsey Flint             
An early member
Julia    Flint              Ex. 13 Jan 1833
Tirza      "                          "
Olbeone  "                          "
Matilda   "                Ex. March 1833
Loiza (Louisa) Flint    Ex.    "        "      

Tirza Flint                 Bapt. -13 Jan 1833    Adult
Flint              Bapt. -13 Jan 1833    Adult
Flint               Bapt. -13 Jan 1833    Adult
Possibly this Flint family may have been the one living at Flint Creek, but there
was also a Flint family who lived on the Reed's Corners Road, not far from the

Emeline, dau of James and Sally; died Mar 1827; ae 18-6-12;


John Freshour

 Cem. Lot 54
Nothing left on this lot. Stones may have crumbled away.
This from the church records :
JohnFreshour and wife joined the church by letter 7 Mar 1851and were dismissed 10 Feb ????.
They came from Maryland and lived on Sect. 65.
They had a son William Freshour 1813-1891 who married Mehitable Penn who died in 1856. Their children were (1) Mary who married Augustus Smith of Aloquin; (2) Hester A. who married Edward Wright; (3) Loranda who married Lester Thatcher. (see Cem. Lot 44.) also see Freshour further down the page.

From Conover "History of Ont. Co." :
Freshour :
John Freshour's father was a native of Germany. John came to America before the
French & Indian War, in which he fought. He was also a Rev. War soldier. In 1789 he settled in NY. His wife was Mary Angleberger. He later cameto Hopewell where he bought 500 acres of land from the Phelps & Gorham Purchase. He died in 1859 and his wife in 1869.
George W. Freshour M- in 1849, Leonora Failing, a dau. of Abraham I. Failing of Montgomery Co., son of Capt. Failing. Their son Bryon Freshour, M- Alice Warner, dau. of Milton Warner. See Lot 54.William Freshour, son of John, B-Hopewell 1813. Wife Mehitabele Penn, a descendant of William Penn. Their dau. Lorada, B-1840-M-Lester Thatcher. See Thatcher Lot 44 & L6.


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