Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery

Records from the First Presbyterian Church of the Town of Hopewell, Ontario County, NY, USA

The Hopewell Cemetery is an old one. Located in the Town of Hopewell, County of Ontario about 3 miles East of Canandaigua, New York. It is on Mumby Road just a few hundred yards south of U. S. Route 20 (herein refered to as the Turnpike) which is the original route from Albany to the Genesee Valley and later on became the doorway to the frontier. My (Burr Cook) ancestors, the Gates family, a large number of which are buried at Hopewell, were early settlers in the area, coming from Keene NH. Route 20, passing through the middle of the township, was at that time a log road and the first toll turnpike in the state long before the thruway was thought of. Shortly after Sullivans Army came through, Daniel Gates and four brothers came from Keene to Hopewell. There are several soldiers of the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Union Army on whose graves flags are placed on Memorial day etc... The Cooks buried there are also from my family and I am related to the Wykoffs as well as the Gates. All but one grave site is full. This belonged to my mother, Adelaide (Benson) Cook and is reserved for my sister (Peg). The list of names was copied from the cemetery record books of which I have a copy as my family were the most recent trustees of the cemetery. The list was compiled in 1935 by previous trustees. Most of the early settlers of the town are buried in this cemetery.

I don't know who is the author of these cemetery records. Since this writing the cemetery has been turned over to the town who now maintain it.  - Burr 

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