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Listing of resources used for developing this history :

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1st. Church of Hartford
Abstracts of Wills Vol V 1754-1760, The New York Historical Society, 1896
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Anjou. *
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American), The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy.
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Barnstable families, Bullard Genealogy
Bartlett, Joseph, Hibner's "Descendants of 
Bassett's "History of Richmond, NH"
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                        Clarenceux King of Arms
Birth and Death Certificates.
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Bond's Watertown
Bonded Passengers to America, -by Peter Wilson Coldham, Baltimore: Genealogical
                Publishing Co., 1983-1985, Colonial Period.

Boston Evening Transcript: Genealogical Columns
Boston Registry division
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                   by Chauncey Rea Burr, NY 1926 (privately printed)
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Burke's Landed Gentry
Burke's Peerage.
(Burr) A General History of the Burr Family in America -by Charles Burr Todd, Fourth Edition,  
                  New York, Knickerbocker Press, 1902
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Cambridge Historical Society, Cambridge, 1930.
CAMBRIDGE: "History of Cambridge, Massachusetts 1630-1877
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Charles Burr Todd "Burr Family History" (CBT).
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Christ Church, Phil.
Chronicle of the Aaron Burr Association and the ABA library
Church records.
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                  Mass." Historical and Genealogical Register.
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                  by David Stuges Copeland.
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Clifton Springs Press.
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Collections of the Ulster Hist. Soc
Congregational Church of Clinton, New York
Conn. Gen. val 2 p1090 for the Banjamin family
Conn. Historical Society, Vol. 8

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Cook Family Bible (Originally owned by Dallas Dudley Cook)
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                   on other Long Island families, New York, 1866 --Teunis G. Bergen
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Dr. Samuel Engle Burr.
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                   covers Atlantic ports from 1846-1855.

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The Empire State - Lossing
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Genealogical Register Second Series (in Three Volumes); Gary Boyd Roberts,
               compiler; Genealogical Publishing Company (GPC), 1985.
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Ferrow's Archives of NY
First American Families Vol 6

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First Settlers of Albany -by Peerson
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(Gates) Abel Gates, 1793-1870 / His Ancestors, His Descendants -by Leo K. Gates,
                pub. Dinner & Klein, Seattle, 1976.
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GATES-1898: "Stephen Gates, of Hingham and Lancaster,
                Massachusetts and His Descendants
GATES-1972: "The Gates Family History" by Pearl Curtiss, pub.
                 privately (typescript), 1972.
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                 by Leo K. Gates, pub. Dinner & Klein, Seattle, 1976.
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                of Bridgton, Maine; Waterford, Ohio; and Greene County, Illinois, etc."
                -by Margaret Tomlin Bellatti; privately printed, Jacksonville, Illinois, 1979.
Gates family bible (Owned by Joseph Brown Gates)
Gates Family Info from Davis C. Green, N.J., 1959.
Gazetteer and Business Directory of Orleans County, N.Y. for 1869
                  by Hamilton Child
Gazetteer of the State of New York - J.H. French, 1860
Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England showing
                  Three Generatiosn of Those who came before May 1692 on
                   the Basis of the Farmer's Register by James Savage,
                   Volume I., Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1981.

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                   by Francis J. Parker, Boston 1894
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General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA.
Genesee County Records.
Geneva, NY., Town of, Records
Geneva, NY., City of, Records
Geneva Times
German Genealogical Digest.
German Speaking Immigrants to North America in the Eighteenth Century;
                -Annette K. Burgert; Breiningsville, Pa.; Pa. German Society;
                 1983 and 1985
Gloucestershire, Visitations of, 1569

Grave stones at Clarendon, NY. and other Orleans County locations.
Grave stones at Hillside Cemetery in Holly, Orleans County, NY
Grave stones at Maplewood Cemetery, Orleans County, NY
Grave stones at Mumby Road Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery in Hopewell,
                     Ontario County, NY.
Great Little Watertown; A History
Groton Mass. Epitaphs, -Green.

H. A. Hamm Famous Families of New York City
Hampshire, Visitations of, 1530-1634
Hancock, NH., -Heyward.

Hand written records from the church that (abt.1820-1880) stood at the site of the
                       Mumby Road, Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery and burned about 1880.
Hardwick Mass., History of. -Paige
Hartford; 1st. Church of Hartford.
HB: Hartford Branch of Burr Family from documents by Charles Burr Todd.

Heraldic Illustrations, 1853
Hertfordshire, Visitation of, 1634, -by H. St. George
Hibner's "Descendants of Joseph Bartlett
HING-HIST2-1893: "History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts" (in three   
                       volumes), Vol. II (Genealogical). Pub. by the Town, 1893.
Historian of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society, etc.
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                      published by R. P. Smith, Syracuse 1860
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History of Bucks Co., Penn., Davis
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History of Cambridge, Massachusetts 1630-1877
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History of Marlboro, NH
History of N. Brookfield, Mass., -Temple

History of N. Netherlands
History of Norfolk, CT., -Crissey
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History of Ontario County New York 1876.  Everts, Ensign & Everts.
History of Plymouth, CT - Frances Atwater, 1895
History of Rochester and Monroe County NY - William F. Peck, 1906
History of the Families Millingas & Millanges of Saxony & Normandy -
                 Including Millikens etc. -by Rev. Gideon T. Ridlon Sr. (1907). 
History of First Church of Newark, NJ.,  - Stearn
History of Mason NH
History of the Puritans, Neal
History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts  (in three volumes),
                        Vol. II (Genealogical). Pub. by the Town, 1893.
History of Ulster County
History of Wallingford, CT. - Charles H.S. Davis, MD 1870
History of Waterbury - by Bronson
History of Worcester County, -Whitney
History of Yates County, NY., -Cleveland
HOBART-1912: "Hobart History and Genealogy / 1632 to 1912" by Edwin
                        L. Hobart, Denver, CO, 1912.
Hoes genealogy.
Holland; 1897 Yearbook of the Holland Society of N.Y
Holland Society 1905 Yearbook 
Holland Society 1906 Yearbook
Hollis, NH., History of. --Worcester
Hopewell First Presbyterian Church Records. 1830-1880
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                     Arlington Heights, IL; Harlan Davidson, Inc.; 1982.

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Huguenot Refugees in the Settling of Colonial America, ed. Peter Gannon
Huguenot Society of America, 1985).
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Irish Famine Immigrants; Port of New York 1846-1851; 7 vols.; Baltimore
                     Genealogical Publishing Co., 1983.

(JAFFREY), Albert Annett & Alice Lehtinen, HISTORY OF JAFFREY, NH.
Jaffrey, NH., History of. --Cutler
Journal of Bishop Cannaehoff, 1750
Judge Oliver Seymour Phelps, The Phelps Family of America and Their English Ancestors.,
                    Two Volumes. (Eagle Publishing Co., Pittsfield, Mass., 1899; Reprinted by the
                      Higginson Book Company, Salem, MA.).
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           Ulster County Historical Society 1975
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Kingston, New York;-- Schoonmaker, Marinus,
The History of Kingston, New York," New York, 1888
Kingston town records
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                 of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore,
                 reprinted 1997
Kip's "Olden Times in NYC".
LaCross, Wis. Death certificates

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                     Epitaphs of Lancaster, Massachusetts 1643-1850, edited by Henry S.
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Lancaster, Massachusetts, The Early Records of.
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                    Being a Guide to Published Lists of Early Immigrants to North
                    America. 1938. New York Public Library. rev. 1963.                     

Landmarks of Monroe County, NY - William F. Peck, 1895
Landmarks of Orleans County, NY -Issac S. Signor, 1894
Last Soldiers of the Revolution - Rev. Elias Brewster Hillard 1864
LDS Ancestral File.
Le Neve's "Pedigrees of Knights": -Harleian, Vol. VIII.
Leonard Genealogy.                         
History and Antiquities of County Leicester, -by John Nichols
Leicestershire, The Visitation of, 1619.
Life Magazine, May 31, 1948
List of Immigrants, - by Hotten
Locating your Immigrant Ancester.  -by James C. and Lila Lee Neagles,
                    Everton Publishers, Inc., 1975.
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Ludden Genealogy.
Magna Charta Barons and their Descendants, -by C. H. Browning
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                   on the Cornelius - Mary Maney family by Beth Mandrino,
                   Mike Rowley and Marge Tuthill.
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Mansions of England and Wales, -E. Twycross

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Mass. Gen.
McDowells in America
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                     Scranton, PA, 1924.
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Middlesex County, Mass. Vital Records.
Milford; Ballou's "History of Milford Mass."
Military Service and Pension Records from the National Archives
Milliken, Narroguagus Valley, Maine.
Millikens of Wilton and Sharon, New Hampshire.
Minutes of the Common Council, New York City
Miss Allee Gates, 1960. 
Monmouth County, NJ, -Salter
Morris County, NJ., History of, -Munsell.

My cousin, Jack Gulvin.
My Gates Ancestry / Ancestry of Samuel Gates
(1785-1841) of Bridgton, Maine; Waterford, Ohio; and Greene County,
                     Illinois, etc. - by Margaret Tomlin Bellatti; privately printed,
                     Jacksonville, Illinois, 1979.
My grandmother, Esther Pamelia (Gates) Cook.
National Register, S.A.R. 1902
New England Ancestors, Holiday 2002

New England Families / Genealogical and Memorial / A Record of the Achievements
                      of Her People in the making of Commonwealths and the Founding of a Nation,
                        compiled under the editorial supervision of William Richard Cutter, A.M.,
                       Corresponding Secretary and Historian of the New England Historic-Genealogical
                       Society, etc., in 4 volumes; pub. by Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York, 1914.
New England-FAMS-1914: "New England Families / Genealogical and Memorial / A
                       Record of the Achievements of Her People in the making of 
                       Commonwealths and the Founding of a Nation," compiled under the editorial
                           supervision of William Richard Cutter, A.M., Corresponding Secretary.
EHGR, 2:252; Hobart's Journal, NEHGR 121:22.
                        For descendants, see NEHGR 88:257ff.
NEHGS Massachusetts vital records,  1841-1910 for Athol.
NEHGR: "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register" (periodical).
Neill's History of the Virginia Company
New England-ORIGINS: "English Origins of New England Families / From The New
                       England Historical and Genealogical Register" Second Series (in Three
                       Volumes); Gary Boyd Roberts, compiler; Genealogical Publishing
                       Company(GPC), 1985.
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New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, Jan. 1888.
New York, Old Merchants of, fifth series
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New York State Library, Albany
New York State Vital Records, Index of
Newton, Annals of, -Riker
Norfolk, Visitation of, 1664.
Norwich Vital Records.

Oaks, Mabel E. History of Oaks Corners Presbyterian Church.
O'Callaghan, Edmund Bailey, comp., The Register of New Netherland
                    1626-1674, Albany 1865
O'Callaghan, Edmund Bailey, comp., Laws and Ordinances of New Netherland,
                    1638- 1674, Albany, 1868.
Office of Surrogate for Orleans County
Officers of the Continental Army, 1775-1783, Heitman
Olde Ulster Magazine
Onondoga County Birth Records.
Ontario County Surrogate's Court Records.
Ontario County Census 1789 1790.
Ontario "History of Ontario County, New York 1788-1876"
                    -by Prof. W.H. McIntosh press of J.B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia.
Parrish register of Hingham, England.
Passenger and Immigration Lists Bibliography, -by William P. Filby. A Guide to
                  Published Arrival Records of about 500,000 Passengers who Came
                  to the USA and Canada in the 17th 18th and 19th centuries.
                  3 vols., Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1981.
Passenger Arrivals at Salem and Beverly, Mass., 1798-1800. New England
                  Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 106 (1952).

Patronymica Britannica, Lower
Pennsylvania Provincial Councillors, -Keith
People of Colonial Albany web site.
Peter Steven Gannon and Jane Hawkes Liddell, "The Assimilation of Huguenots
                 n Western Long Island,"
Pioneer Cemetery of Hopewell, NY records
Pioneer History of Orleans County - Arad Thomas 1871
Pioneers of Massachusetts, The; by Charles Henry Pope
Plymouth Congregational Church 1765-1810, State Lib., Hartford
Potter, Constance. "St. Albans Passenger Arrival Records."
Preston Conn. Church Records.
Preston Conn. Vital Records.
Royal Dutch Church of Warwasing
Record of Service of Conn. Men in Revolution - Adjt. Gen. Hartford, CT., 1889
Records at 1st. Church of Hartford
Records at Norfolk, Woodstock, Wallingford, Plymouth and Hartford Conn.
Records of First Congregational Church at Plymouth, CT.
Records of the Susquehanna Company
Registry division, Boston
Richardson Genealogy, --Vinton
Robert Gee, "The Gee Family of Westchester and Dutchess Counties, N.Y.
Rock County, Wis. records.
Runk, Emma Ten Broeck, Ten Broeck Genealogy, New York, 1897
Saco Valley Settlements and Families: by Rev. Gideon T. Ridlon, Sr. 1895.
Salem Town Records - Essex Institute 1913
Sanford, History of Hopkinton NY.
SanFrancisco Ship Passenger Lists, -by Louis J. Rasmussen, Baltimore, Md.:
                    Genealogical Publishing Co., 1978.

Savage Genealogical Dictionary of New England
Scandinavian Immigrants in New York 1630-1674
Schoonmaker, "The Schoonmaker Family of Ulster Co., NY.",  
Evans, Thomas G.,
Schoonmaker, Heidgerd, Ruth P., "The Schoonmaker Family",
                         Schoonmaker Family Association, 1974
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                          New Paltz, NY, 1951.
Scientific American Handbook of Travel, The; -Albert A. Hopkins;
                          New York; Munn & Co.; 1910.
Seneca, A History of the Town of,  -by Rodney S. Lightfoote.
Seneca: Town of Seneca Historical Society, Stanley, NY.
Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors of Members of the National Society of
                      Colonial Dames XVII Century;      
 1915-1975, Compiled by Mary Louise M. Hutton

Ship Passenger Lists, -by Carl Boyer, 4 vols., Newhall, CA, 1977-80, Covers 1600-1825.

SINGLETARY FAMILY HISTORY 1599-1989 by Yvonne Miller
Society of Clinton, Town of Kirkland, New York
Sons of the American Revolution
Southern New York, New York, Genealogy of, -Genealogical and Biographical Society
St Andrews Church, Port Richmond, Richmond Co, NY.
St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Church, Geneva, NY
St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church, Geneva, NY
St. Patrick's Cemetery, Geneva, NY
St. Mary's Cemetery, Geneva, NY
St. Agnes Cemetery, Clifton Springs, NY.

Stephen Gates, of Hingham and Lancaster, Massachusetts
                   and His Descendants / A Preliminary Work Subject to Addition and
                   Correction" by Charles Otis Gates; Willis McDonald & Co., New York,
Stow, Middlesex County vital records.
Ten Broeck Genealogy, by Emma Ten Broeck Runk
Tepper, Michael H.; American Passenger Arrival Records; by Sail and Steam;
               Baltimore, Md. Genealogical Publishing Co.; 1988.
Thayer Genealogy.

The Birth, marriage and Death Register, Church Records and Epitaphs of Lancaster,
               Massachusetts 1643-1850, edited by Henry S. Nourse; Lancaster, MA, 1890.
The Empire State - Lossing
The Gates Family History" by Pearl Curtiss, pub. privately (typescript), 1972.
The Genealogy of the Fourteen Families of the Mayflower, Part 2. Published by Elisha Thayer at
                    Hingham, Mass. - J. Farmer Printer.
The Michael Shoemaker Book
The Rensselaer Bowier Manuscripts
The Shoemaker Family book by Thomas H. Shoemaker - 1893
The Wyckoff Family in America 3rd Edition
Thomaston ME., History of. -Eaton
Torrington (Conn.) History 1737-1923
                   by Bess and Merrill Bailey (A 3 volumn set)
Town and Country of Waterbury - Henry Bronson, MD 1858

Town Clerks of : Plymouth, Terryville, Thomaston, Watertown, Wallingford,
                  Waterbury and Woodbury VT.
Town of Braintree, MA. vital records
Treat Family, The, -by John Harvey Treat, Salem, Mass., 1893.
Turner's History of Ontario County: 1790
Ulster Co. in Revolution
Ulster County, NY, -Clearwater.
Ulster County Census 1790.
Ulster County Genealogical Society.
Ulster County; - Sylvester, Nathantiel Bartlett, History of Ulster County, New York,
                   Higginson Book Co., 1880
United States Census data

US Postal Guide
USGS DePuy Chart and Probate Records I by Anjou.*
Van Alen, Benjamin Taylor; Genealogical History of the Van Alen Family Embracing a Record of  Births,
             Marriages and Deaths, Chicago,     Illinois: 1902.
Van Buren Family, BookVan Buren Family; History of Cornelis Maessen Van Buren,
Van Rensselaer, Florence, The Van Rensselaers in Holland and in America, New York, 1956
                Peckman, Herriett C. Waite, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1913
Van Wagenen: "The Genealogy of Jacob Aertsen Van Wagenen" by Carl S Van Wagenen
Victoria History of Lacashire.
The visitation of the County Palatine of Lancaster made in the year 1567,  -Flower
Vital Records of Salem, MA. - Essex Institute, 1926
Vital Records of Western New York 1809-1850 
(Wales), Annals and County Families of Wales - by T. Nicholas

Warren, ME., Annals of. -Eaton.
Washington NH, History of

Waterbury: "The Town & Country of Waterbury" - Henry Bronson, MD., 1858
Watertown, Bond's
Waterbury Vital Records
Westminster, Mass., -Heyward,
Who's Who (British)
Wilton, NH., History of. -Livermore.
History of Modern Wiltshire, -by Sir Richard C. Hoare

Wyckoff Family in America.
Wynkoop Genealogy -Henry Brace, of New York City
Wyoming Wheelers, by Bill Wheeler
Yarmouth records.
Your Family Tree - by Jordan and Kimball

*Be aware that some of the genealogies by Anjou were believed to be fraudulent.

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