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Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery continued...

Hopewell Township, Ontario County, New York



Cornelia H., wife of Andrew and dau of  Dr. J. and M. S. Pratt; died 26 Feb 1875; ae 27-9-7;

Lanah, wife of Tunis; died Mar 22 1827; in 73rd yr;

Minnie, dau of A. & C. R.; died Nov 10 1874; ae 3 yrs;




Gem. Lot 47.

George Brundage, Sr.     b. 1769.           D-                  Feb. 22,1850.                        Age 81 years.

Mercy Warren, his wife   b. 1777           D.                  May 8,  1832.                        Age 55 years.

George Brundage, Jr. son of  b.-1813     D.                               1890.               Age 77 years.

Hannah C.Whitacre, his wife                  D.            1887.  Age 73.years.

Augustus C.Brundage,                            D.            1903.  Age 66 years.

son of George,Jr.

Antionette Raymond,his wife                 D             1930. Age 90 y~ars.

William K.Brundage, son of                   D             1901.  Age 32.years.

Augustus C.& Antionette


Warren 13rundage, son of                       D.                             1914.                 Age 50 years.
Augustus C. & Antionette


Maude Brundage Golf, dau. of        B Sept.7, l872.      

Augustus C. & Antionette.


George Brundage,son of

Augustus C. & Antionette                       D-                  May 31,1933.              Age 60 years



Gem. Lot 17.

John Brundage.                        D-Sept.15, 1853.                        Age 83 years.

Hannah Olds, his wife                        D- ..      17,1864.                        Age 82 years.



John Brundage, 5th son of the pioneer Joseph Brundage and his wife Catherine, who came to  Hopewell around 1790 or possibly before. This means that John was 18 Or 20 at that  time. They came from Bucks Co. Penn, and  the father Joseph took up the two Sections of land, no. 16 and l8-- over 600 acres. When John was married his father gave him one hundred and  some of Sect. 16 for his  home. John & Hannah had 5 children: Samuel, Olive, Joseph, Melissa and Susan. Susan married Calvin Crane and they continued to live on her father's farm, as did their children.  I think John built the house still standing on the Place.



George Brundage, Sr. 1769-1850 must have been around 20 or older when he came with his parents, Joseph and Catherine, from Bucks Co. Penn. When he married his first wife Ruth ingles, his father gave him one hundred  and some acres on Sect. 18 for his home. He built the house sti1l standing on the place. His children were Polly, Thomas. Ruth, Osias, Joseph.George and Mercy. The son George married Hannah Whitacre and continued  to live on the place, till his death in 1890. 





Cent. Lot No.66. (Nothing there.)



Cem. Lot No.70. 

Lanah, wife of Tunis Brizzee.  B. 1754               d. March 22, 1827 Age 73 years.


George Brundage, Sr. 1769-1850 must have been around 20 or older when he came with

his parents, Joseph and Catherine, from Bucks Co. Penn. When he married his first wife

Ruth ingles, his father gave him one hundred  and some acres on Sect. 18 for his home.

He built the house sti1l standing on the place. His children were Polly, Thomas. Ruth,

Osias, Joseph.George and Mercy. The son George married Hannah Whitacre and continued  
        to live on the place, till his death in 1890.




Cem. Lot No.70.


Lanah, wife of Tunis Brizzee.  B. 1754               d. March 22, 1827 Age 73 years.




Cem. Lot 37.

Dr. Milton Carpenter.                        D-Oct.11, 1831.                        Age 25 years.

Margaret, his wife                        D-Oct.17, 1834.                        Age 28 years.


children:~~ D.& L. Carpenter:

Abidiel J.                                                   D-Nov.16,1820.                          Age 5 years
Charles N.                                       D-sept.28,1831.                           Age 2 years.

Daughter                                        D-Sept.20,1815.                          Age 5 years        



Elmira,dau. of D.& Hannah

Carpenter                        D-Sept.   1815.                Age 18 mos.


Church Record:

Hannah Carpenter                                      Ex. Dec.8,l831.            Dis.Mch.26,1837.

Margaret Carpenter,adult.                        EX. Dec.11,1831.Ad       Died Oct,17~,1834.

Daniel  Carpenter                        Ex. Dec.20,1831.             Dis. Mch.26,1837



There was a Rev. Carpenter, pastor of the church in 1834. 


                                JOHN CASE.


Gem. Lot 33. 

John Case                   B-1776.      D- D-Oct.5,1816.         Age 40  yrs.

Joanna, his wife           B-1778.      D-Feb. 20, 1838                 60

John.Jr. son of                               D-Dec. 5,1832.                   22

Eliza, dau. of                                  D-Aug. 16,1839.                 38

Sally Ann, wife of Warren Cone       D-July 16,1835                   32

Isaac R. Case                                 D-May 16D1837.                31

Church Records :

Isaac Reeve Case.                                             Dis. Jan. 22,1834.

Eliza Case                    Ex. Sept. 3,1831.

Betsey Case                                                                                                                                   Dis. Sept.1, 1832

Isaac Reeve Case.                 Baptized Sept. 4,1831. Adult

Eliza Case                                    "      Sept. 4,1831.


John and Joanna Case were pioneer settlers in Hopewell and may have lived on what we used to call the Miles Road, that is the road from Freshours to the Turnpike. The names of six of their children were (1)Eliza,1801-1839;Sally Ann,1803-1835 who married Warren Cone(Cem. Lot 25)Isaac Reeve; John,Jr. 1B12-l832; Betsey(?); and James W.
1814-1866 who married Laviah Beech(Cem. lot 30).


                                            James W. Case.


Cern. Lot 98.

James W. Case.                                D-July 28,1866. Age 51 years,10 mos.

Laviah Beech, his wife                        D-Feb.13,1881.   ..   61

James Q. son of(?)                            D-1858.

Hiram,   son of                                   D-Aug. 2,1841.      Age 6 mos.

The James W. Case family lived on the Miles road and that house burned. They also had a Eliza who married a Reeves and had 5 ch. 



Gem. Lot 77.

Lydia, wife of Richmond Case.

Roxey B. daughter of                         D-Dec. 21,1845.  Age 16 yrs. 4 mos.

Henry R. son of                                 D-May 2,1853.       ..  25 yrs.

Francis F. son of                                D-Aug.l,1836.      3 yrs 10 mos.


Church Records :

Richmond Case       Ex. and Baptized May 27, 1838.

Lydia Lucretia,    


Henry, Richmond, Roxey, Bethina, Maria Louise, Wyon L, Marcus, Orestes, 8 children 0 Richmond and Lydia Case were baptized July 1841.


Maria Case was four yrs. old when Richmond Case moved to the Turnpike in 1835. Richmond Case had in all 13 children. Lived on Sect. 24. Continued on next page.

CASE, Continued.


There are so many Case Families that it is hard to know the relationship. 

The James W. Case family had at least four children: (l) David Franklin whose wife was Sarah Jane Andrews. Her home was on the County House Road near the Smith Rd. and their dau. was Mrs. James McCabe (Margaret McCabe, Howell St.) (2)Eliza Case  married a Reeves and their children  were Frank, Charles, Lucy, Bertha Case (Johnson), and Beulah. 

A Joshua Case settled on Sect. 39. Then there was a Col. Case whose wife was Sarah Chapin, and may have been a dau. of George and Dolly Chapin. Col. Case lived on the County House Rd. (Romiser farm) He probably was Col. Nelson Case, father of Anna Case Couch, who used to sing in the Aloquin Church. 

Then there was Omar Case who lived on the Turnpike , and his son

Hadley Case, not much older than I.  He married a Thompson girl in

Canandaigua and I think went to N.J.



Gem. Lot 74.

Enos Childs.              B-179O.          D-Apr. 29-1869     Age 78 yrs.9 mos.
Dimmis, his wife.      
B-1797.          D-Mch. 22,1860.    Age 63 yrs. 

Eliza B,  dau. of         B-1809           D-Aug.27,1811.      Age  3 yrs
lace, son of         
B-1735.          D-Nov. 7,1843.       Age  8 yrs. 

Lydia, wife of
Nathaniel Cowles.
     B-1770.          D-Dec.27,1833.       Age 65 yrs.9 mos.

Church Records:
Dimmis Childs.
Dimmis A. Childs                        Ex. Mch. l3, 1868.
Sarah L. Childs                           Ex.
"       "      "

1856 Mrs. E.A. Childs from the Pres. Ch. Lyons.

Enos Childs 1790-1869 and his wife Dimmis Allis 1797-1860, the dau. of Elijah and Lydia Allis, came from Conway, Mass. to Ont, Co.  at an early date. Lydia Allis, Dimmis' mother, also came to Ont. Co. for she married the 2nd time to Nathaniel Cowles and is buried In the Hopewell Cem. as above.  They settled on Sect. 44 which later became the home of Aunt Lucy Depew. They had 5 chlldren : (l) Eliza Childs, 1809-1811 ; (2) Wallace 1835-1843 ; (3)Austin Wing Childs, l823-l869 (See Gem. lot 86) (4)Elijah Allis(Ellis) who had 3 daughters, Dimmis who married Dr. Rockwell ; Sarah, who M- Frank Post, dau. Leah Post (Norris) and Mary Elizabeth, who lived most of her long life on her father's farm on Sect.46. The house still standing on corner of the Turnpike and the Hopewell Center Rd. (4) Electa Childs married a Harris lIving in Arcadia. She left one son.  Ellis Childs bought this farm from Osgood  Carnmett. Harvey Pratt owned the place before that. 




Cern. Lot 86.
Austin Childs         
B-1825.    D- May 20,1894.   age 71 yrs. 2 mo.
Mary Ann De
his wife (See Lot 90)B-1822. D-Apr.9,11847  Age 24 yrs.1O mos.
Caroline E. 2nd wife.    
B-1825.  D-Oct.l4,188l.  Age 56 yrs. 6 mos.

Mary Ann, dau. of
1st wife                     
B-1847.    D- Sept.l5,1863   Age 16 yrs. 6 mos.     
Augusta  E. Dau. of
2nd wife                    B-1852.  D-Jan.1l,1875.     Age 23 yrs

(MaryAnn, 1st wife was dau. of Abraham & Marcia DeGraff.)
Church Record:

ElectaJane Childs                        Ex.May 6,1837.                        Dis. Feb.26,1843.

Austin Childs family lived on Sect. 46, on the west side of the Hopewell Center Rd. quite south of the RailRoad. I remember the house well--it burned some yrs. ago. The children by the 1st wife were Eliza, Mary Ann, and Walstein. The children by tue 2nd wife were Eliza, Augusta, Enos, Byron who taught our district school when I was there. He
married Florence Chapin. He had a brother Austin and sister Anna.




Cern. Lot 1.

Shube1 Clark.                     D-Mch.25,1813.                        Age 51 years.


Horace Clark                      D-Nov .17,1835.                                      Age 35 years.

Permelia,his wife

James, their son                 D-Jan.29,1834.                                    Age 11 mos.


Daniel Clark

Polly Clark, wife

Daniel, their son                   D-Aug.18, 1832.                                 Age 1 yr. 4 rnos.

Louise, theirdau.                 D-Oct.16,1836.                                   Age 16 years.

Church Record:

Polly Clarke                             Ex.Jan. 1832.                                     D-1849

Pamelia Clark.                          Ex.Dec.8,1831                                   Nov. 20,1841.

Daniel Clark. 


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