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Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery continued...

Hopewell Township, Ontario County, New York

Page 4 Babcock Through Bradt


BABCOCK, continued.

: This document is repetitious, somewhat, but comes from a different source.  

George Babcock and his wife, Sarah, must have been among the very early settlers in Hopewell. According to Mrs. Fred Benham, the druggist's wife in Canandaigua(she was Mary Babcock; the George Babcock home was on Sect. 47 but across from the Cemetery. He may have built that house for it is old. Mrs. Benham was a great-grand-daughter of George. She told me that the farm extended across the road originally, and that George Babcock gave that part of his farm for the church and cemetery. I think that if we had the 1st clerk's book we would find George Babcock and his family among the charter members of that First Presbyterian Church of Hopewell. He was always called Deacon George.  

They came from Stonington, Conn. and it seems that most of their children were born there. Lemuel,1772-1830; Williarn; Susannah, l777-1856; George; Oliver, 1794-1884; and two other daughters.

Lemuel Babcock, B-in Stonington June 10,1772, married Lucy Ann Sawyer of Partridgeville, N. Y. They lived on the west end of Sect. 46, later the Gardner farm. They had three children; Malina 1812-l840; Lyman, who married Nancy Birdseye, rny great aunt, and they also lived there and kept toll-gate when the stages began to run, before they moved on to Ohio. Their 3rd child was Lucius who married Matilda May, sister of Pitt May who lived one mile west on the turnpike.

William Babcock lived on the cross road curving around off the turnpike to the Hopewell Center Rd. and beyond the Gheen place. He probably built that house, on the south side of the road. His wife was Julia and they had 15 children. Three of them are buried in the old cemetery. About 1836  they moved to Michigan.

 Susannah Babcock married Daniel Gates, Jr.(Captain) He died in 1812 at the age of 41. She later married Dr. Augustus Torry. 1778-1858.

Oliver Babcock, B-Mch.14, 1794, D-Jan.24,1884. M-Hannah Levalley, dau.
of Holden Levalley (See Richard Leva1ley, Cem.Lot 3l) B-l794-D-l853. M-Feb. 15,1818.Their children (1) Pliny 1819-1858. M-Frances Averill in 1850. They moved on to Michigan. (2) Charles Thomas who M-Nancy Wier. Their dau. was Mary Babcock Benham. She had a brother Frank Babcock. (3)Emma Olivia Babcock 1837. Then there were 4 more; Holden, Mary, Harriet and Hannah, all of these died young and are buried on Lot 21.

 I do not have the names of the two other daughters of Deacon George Babcock, but one married Major Frederick Miller and they went to live near Buffalo. The other girl married --Follett. When I was small, Oliver Babcock still lived on the old Babcock farm on the cross road.  

Deacon George Babcock was a soldier in the Revolutionary Army, and the marker at his grave was placed there by the S.A.R. of Roch­ester, N.Y. with a service attended by quite a number from Rochester and Canandaigua. I think a notice of the event is with the Cem. papers.

I am not sure but that Mrs. Tuttle, Ruth Tuttle1s mother, was a daughter of Jonas Bennett. 

I believe that Thomas H. Bennett, an attorney in Canandaigua, was son of Jonas Bennett. Martha and Tim Bennett, girls in high school with me , were granddaught6rs.  I may not have the relationship quite right, but these all belonged to this Jonas and Thomas Bennett family.


Gem. Lot 103.
Henry Badger.  born 1746 Died May 4, 1809. Age 63 years.  He was a soldier in the Rev. War.

                             AZOR BALDWIN.

Cem. Lot 39. stones are gone.
Church Record. Wilber D. Baldwin. Ex.May 25,1838. Dis.Apr.30,1842.



Corn. Lot 56.

Spencer B. Bancroft.   born 1817       D-Jan.13,1865.
Age 47 yrs.7 mos.17 dys.

Ann, his wife.  born 1817                  D-Mch.8, 1863.
Age 45 yrs.8 mos.13 dys.


  The Bancrofts lived on the Miles Road. According to Sarah Gardner and also D.W.Cone(Cude) Spence & Ann Bancroft were the parents of Spencer Sutherland's 1st wife. After they died this daughter went to live with the Woods at Flint Creek. Someway she gained a good education and became a teacher. Her brother Pitt, went to live with Pitt May, on the Turnpike near the Cemetery. From the name he could have been an uncle. Another brother was Frank who lived on the Middle Cheshire Rd.(Lived on Miles Rd.)

From a paper clipping : "Pitt M. Bancroft, aged 75, retired Cheshire farmer, died at his home 1833 after a short illness. Beside his wife he leaves three daughters and two sons. Mrs. Grace Patchin and Mrs. Clarence Bancroft of Canandaigua. Mr. Bancroft was buried in Pike Bank Cemetery, Cheshire."



Cern. Lot 27.
Demos Barnes.                        D-1828.  Born 1793. Age 35 years.

Church Record:
Mary Ann Barnes.  Ex. May 1838.                        Dis. Apr.21,1839.
Juliann Barnes.       Ex.  ..  ..                                                     Dis. Aug.7, 1841.
Mary Ann Barnes.  Baptised May 1838. Adult.
Juli Ann  Barnes.           ..           ..                ..
The Barnes in 1841 went to Oberlin, Ohio.

Philo Bates

Cem. Lot 17
Susan, wife of Philo Bates d. 1829 age 30
Frances,"     "    "      "      d. 1836  "    26
George,"     "    "      "       d. 1835 "     2

Church records:
Philo Bates          ex. Dec. 11, 1831       Dis. Sept. 3, 1836.
Frances Bates       "     "     "     "            "    (died)   June 19. 
Harriet    "                                           "    Sept. 3, 1836.
Lucy       "           By letter July 6, 1867
Naomi    "                                           "     March 2, 1834

George P.          child of Brother and Sister Bates, bapt. June 29, 1833
William Stephan,  "     "      "       "      "        "       "     Sept. 12, 1835
Frances Bethiah,   "     "      "       "      "        "       "       "     17, 1836

Naomi Bates went to live in Chapinville, NY. page 72 of clerk's book.
Philo Bates and daughter dismissed.
Lucy Bates from Congregational Church, Fairport, NY.

Philo Bates lived on Sect. 21, and built the house still standing.
One of his daughters was Olive, who married a Follett and they went
to Michigan.



Cern. Lot 50.
David W. Beech.  B-1796. D-Apr. 3,1889.
Eliza his wife B-l797.D-July 23,1886. 

Church Records:
Olive Beech Ex. Apr. 27, 1831.

David W. Beech was B- 1796 in Conn. and came to Township Lot No. 42 in 1819. He M-Eliza 0 Murray, daughter of Elijah  and Mary Murray, pioneer settlers on same Sect. David 1796-1889 and Eliza 1797-1886 had three children, Lucy Ann Beech 1817-1909 who married Hiram De­pew 1814-1879. They had but one child Inez (See Cem. Lot Depew) (2)Laviah A. Beech 1820-1881 who married James W. Case 1815-1866 (See Gem. Lot 98)(3) Ednah C. Beech 1822-1890 who married James L. Cone 1822-1901. (See Cem. Lot 87) 

David W. Beech later bought a farm on Sect. 40 and may have built the house still there, and was later known as the Win Cone place. 

Aunt Lucy Depew was for many years a widow and lived on the place north of the railroad, Sect. 44 across from the D.W.Cone place. Her house was nice in those days, at least so it seemed to me, and I often went there. She later lived in Canandaigua. 

James W. Case and Lavina Beech had three children, James G. who D- 1858. Hiram D. 1814-1814. and Hiram who married Jane Andrews, the mother of Margaret McCabe, of Howell Street, Canandaigua. 

Ednah C.Beech and James L. Cone had four children, Alice Belle, who died young. James who died in 1862. David W. (Cude) the father of Edna and Joy Cone(Edna Griffin and Joy Salisbury) and Winfield Cone 1846-1920. he married Josephine Mitchell l851-1930, and their two children were Maude Cone Newton and Harriet Cone Fuller. Maude is the mother of Howard Newton. 

AZOR BELDIN. (Belding)

Cem. Lot 39.
Lavina Beldin,dau. of Azor & Lavina Beldin.D-Jan.10,1833   Age 22 yrs.
Betsey Beldin,   “          “          “      “       D-May 8, 1827. Age 21 yrs.
arissa Beldin  “     “    “             “         “      D-June 24,1827. .. 19 yrs.
William A. Beldin,son of Bettey Beldin.D-Aug. 14,1827. Age 2 yrs.
William D. Beldin, ..  ..Azor &  Lavina  D-May 15, 1823. .. 13 mos.
Lydia Beldin, dau. of     ..      & Bettey.D-Sept.ll, 1818. ..13 mos.



Cern. Lot 31.
Amelia Belding,consort of Silas Belding. D-Aug. 14,1825.
age 36 years,10 mos. 11 dys. and buried with her Infant son, of Silas & Amelia. 


Thomas Bennett

Cem. Lot 50.
Samuel Bennett.            D-Apr 7, 1875    Age 75
Martha, his wife             D          1879      "   71
Church Record
Jonas Bennett        Ex. & Bap. Jan 13, 1833,   Adult
James Bennett married Susannah Reznor, B-1806, dau. of Hugh Reznor,
1772-1808, and Polly Reznor.
They had two sons, Columbus and Elmer, both went to Michigan.



Cern. Lot 101.
Nathan H. son of Silas & Lydia Biggs of   D-Aug.1,l820.Age 4yrs 



Cem. Lot 12.
Joseph Birdseye, Esq. B-1767- D~Aug.14, l805.     38 yrs
Hannah, his wife          B-l775- D-April 27, l82l.     46 yrs
Betsey Birdseye, dau. of
                 Joseph and Hannah.                 D-Oct.5, 1805.      7 yrs 7 mo.
Ezekiel Birdseye, son of
                 Joseph and Hannah                  D-May 1, 1875.    74 yrs 5 mo 15 days.
Lydia, lst wife of Ezekiel.     D-Aug.3, 1832.     29 yrs.
Mary, dau. of Ezekiel & Lydia. D-Sept.13, 1832.   5 yrs.
Lydia, Baby near birth.                        D-1832 Aug.24     2 mo. 10 days
Martha,2nd wife of Ezekiel                        D-1872.  May, 16   65 yrs
Harvey, son of Martha & Ezekiel- D-1909. July 11    68 yrs 2 mo.

Gould, son of Martha & Ezekiel- D-1904. May 17.   67 yrs 1 mo 17 days.
Hannah, son(?) of Lydia & Ezekiel- D-1898. Oct. 1.   74 yrs 4 mo 18 days.



Cem. Lot 10.
Joseph Birdseye.                        D- Apr. 7, 1910                        Age 76 yrs.7 mos.9d.
Candice O. wife of                     D-Apr. 23, 1924.     Age 80 yrs.l0 mos.18 ds
Infant son, of Joseph & Candice D-1878            Age 9 mos.



Cem. lot l4.
James Birdseye                        D-Feb. 22, 1835. Age 59 yrs.
Phebe, his wife                        D-Sept.11, 1856.  Age 82 yrs.
Charlse, son of                        D-May      1804.  Age 5 yrs.
James R. Birdseye.                        B-Nov.4, 1806. D-Feb.3, 1890
Ann Mariie   Van Buskirk, his wife    B-1817. D-Mch.l, 1840.
James V. son of James    D-Sept. 30, 1845.  Age 6 yrs.


Church record:
Maria Birdseye. Ex. May 4, 1838     Died Mch.1,1840.

Joseph Birdseye 1767-1805 came to Ont. Co. with Hannah (Curtis) his wife in 1797 and settled on Sect. 46. James Birdseye, his younger brother also came at that time with his young wife, Phebe Phelps. They also settled on the same Sect. They came from Stratford, Conn. This pioneer Joseph built the present house  known as the Jo Birdseye place and now owned by Emmett Finagan, Jr. James, the brother, lived on what we know as the Pollok place. That family later went to Ohio. One daughter of Jarnes R. married the father of Stephen Bert Merritt, living at Prattsburg, N.Y.



Cern. Lot 26.
Elder William Bodman.                        D-May 9,1821. Age 49 yrs.
Abigail, his wife                        D-Jan. 9,1806. Age 26 yrs.
Betsey,  ..   ..                        D­
Artimus, son of William & Betsey.                       D-Sept.26, 1818. Age 18 years.
Elizabeth,dau. Of     “            “                               D-July 23,1850. Age 28                        ..~ 

I think this family the red house which stood across the road from the Win Cone place, on Sect. 40.(old House 1798)  



Cern. Lot 52.
AARON BRADT.          D. Feb 21 1860
Angelica, his wife           d. Jan 18 1854
Infant son                        d. 5 oct 1826   at 5 days 
William E. son of            d. Mch 16 1828  at 5 mo.


Church Record:

Hannah(?) Bradt.            Baptized 1861(?)

Mrs. Hannah Bradt from Cong. ch. Reeds Corners  1866.
Mrs. Jeremiah Bradt to Pres. ch. Geneva.

Was the wife of John Corson(Son of Derrik & Charity) the Nancy Bradt of this family?

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