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Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery continued...

Hopewell Township, Ontario County, New York

Page 3 - Angel Through Babcock


Jason Angel.  

Cem. Lot No. 20.

Tomb-stone Record:Jenekea Angel.D-Apr.l7,1829, age 54 yrs.6 mos.

From Ont. Co. History:

Apr. 22--at first town election of officers Jason Angel was made a school commissioner.

From Church Records: (Hopewell Pres. Ch.)

Caroline Angel-examined ( for membership)  Apr.30,1831      Dismissed     June 10,1838.

Jason Angel-examined Dec.8,1831.Disrnissed June 10,1838.

Mary Angel-examined Dec.8,1831. Disrnissed June  10,1838.

Cornelia Angel examined Dec.8,1831. Disrnissed  Dec.31,1836.

Hannah Angel   ..              Jan.13,1833.  ..               May 22,1837.

Mrs. Mary Angel      ..           "  13,1833.  ..               June 10,1838.

Benjamin Angel  ..                "  13,1833.  ..                   ..  10,1838.

Carolina Angel-Baptised May 1, 1831--Adult.

Hannah Angel-       ..            Jan. 13,1833.

Mrs. Mary Angel-      ..     ...        ..                                                            

Benjamin Angel-        ..     ..         ..

Jason Angel-        ..                        Jan.l,1832--Adult

Cornelia Angel-     ..                        .. ..  ..                        ..

Mary Angel-          ..                      Mch. 4,1832.


More Church Records:

Caroline Angel went to Ohio.

This family of Angels lived on what was later the Kimble place, on the cross-road, Sect. 43. In studying these records, one might place Jenekes Angel as the pioneer father, who died in Hopewell. Caroline may have been his wife and Jason their son. Mrs. Mary Angel may have been Jason's wife. Hannah and Benjamin may have been man and wife but this is all guess work. Anyway the family all went to church and moved on to Ohio around 1838.    


Joseph Angel.  

Cem. Lot NO.46.

I do not know where this family of Angels lived or what their connection with Jason Angel, perhaps a brother, and they may  have gone on to Ohio too.  On their lot there is but one small stone left, that of Welcome Corydon, son of Ira and Sarah F. Hill. who D-Dec.7,1846, age 2 yrs.  This burial made so much later it may not have been any child even connected with the Angels


Elisha Arnold.  

Cem.Lot No. 3.

Tomb-stone Records:

Elisha Arnold-D-Aug.13,1845. Age 69 yrs.      B-1776.

Patience, his wife,D-Aug.28,1854. Age 70 yrs.   B-1784.

Angelina, Dau. of. D-Aug.2,1827. Age 23 yrs.

Mary, dau. of. D-July 16,1837. Age 21 years.


Mary, wife of Welcome Arnold, D-July 18,1876, age 58 yrs.

Susie H. dau. of ..            ..          B-Apr.4.1854. D-May 5,1884.

Kate, sister of Susie and wife of David W. Cone(Cude)?

See James Cone's Lot No. 87.

Frankie 0. son of F.W. & E.E. Arnold. B-Dec.6,1879.D-Aug.l5,l882.

Charles      ..


Church Records:

Freelove Arnold-Examined (for rnembership)Dec.8,1831.Dis.1850.

Minerva Arnold-    ..         ..                     Dec.8, 1831.

Mary Arnold-         ..                 ..                      Jan.13,1833. Dismissed July 16,1837.

Patience Arnold-    ..                 ..                            ..

Martha Arnold-      ..                 ..                     May    1838. Dis. 1850.

Rebecca Arnold,                        ..                             ..

Church Records continued:

Freelove Arnold-Baptised Jan. 1,1832.. Adult.

Minerva                        ..

Mary                        ..      ..     . .

Patience   ..      ..     ..     ..     ..

Martha     ..      ..     ..  Jan.6 ,838


The Arnold place was on Sect. 47 across from the school house.

I think some of the family were still there when I was a small girl.

As these records show, the first wife of Joy Cone Salisbury's father,

David W. Cane(Cude) was Kate Arnold. I dimly remember her.

She died at the age of 36, in 1886, and was buried on the

James  Cone Lot. No 87.


William Pollok, the grandfather of Bob Pollok, and his wife who was a

sister of Jason's Gates wife Jennie Kipp, went there later to live, and

may have bought the farm of the Arnolds. I do not know where the

Arnolds went.



George Babcock and his wife, Sarah, must have been among the very early settlers in Hopewell. According to Mrs. Fred Benham, the druggist's wife in Canandaigua (she was Mary Babcock) the George Babcock home was on Sect. 47 but across from the Cemetery. He may have built that house for it is old. Mrs. Benham was a great-grand daughter of George. She told me that the farm extended across the road originally and that George Babcock gave the land for the church and the burying ground. 
He was known as Deacon George.

They came to Ont. Co. from Stonington, Conn. and some, if not all, of
their children were born there. At least, Lemuel who appears to have been
the eldest 1772-1830 was born in Stonington. His wife was Lucy Ann
Sawyer of Partridgeville, N.Y. and they lived at one time on what was
later the Gardner farm, across from the Birdseye place, on the west.
Nancy Birdseye, dau. of the pioneer Jos. Birdseye, married Lyman
Babcock, who may have been their son, for that was also their home
before they went to Ohio. When the stage coaches began to run they
kept one of the toll gates there.

William Babcock, another son of Dea. George and Sarah, went to live on
Sect 43, on the cross road which curves around to the Hopewell Center
Road and probably built the house there, the one on the south side of the
road beyond the Gheen place. That family went to Michigan about 1836
and had 15 children. Three of these are buried in the old cemetery--Seymour,
Alonson and S--.

Oliver Babcock, another son  of Dea. George, lived on this farm when
I was a small girl. His wife was Hannah Levalley, dau. of Holden Lavalley.
Cem. Lot No. 31 was owned by Richard Levalley 1784-1813, a brother
of Hannah. Oliver had seven children, Pliny 1819-
1858; Chas. Thomas,
whose wife was Nancy Wier, the mother and father of Mary Babcock
(Mrs. Fred Benham). They lived on Chapin Street, and she came a few
times to our Cemetery Meetings before her death. Oliver's other children
were Emma, B-1837; Holden,1824-1825; Mary, 1826-1848; Harriet 1835-1850; Hannah 1832-1859. All but Chas. and Emma are buried in
the old Cemetery.

Susannah Babcock married Daniel Gates,Jr. With his death she married
the 2nd time Dr. Torry 1778-1858. Susannah was B-1777.D-1856.

George Babcock, the youngest child of Deacon Geo. Babcock, M­Mary
Gates, dau. of Capt. Daniel Gates, Green Co. N.Y.

There are three Babcock lots, Nos.21,23, 60. The tomb-stone records

Lot No.l:Dea. George Babcock. D-Mch.18,1816-Age 67 years. Rev. Soldier.
Sarah,his wife. D-Nov. 2,1820. Age 69 years.
Oliver Babcock.D-Jan. 24,1884. Age 95 yrs.8 mos.
Hannah (Levalley) his wife. D-Mch.20,1853. Age 59 years.
Holden, their son. D- 1825. Age 1 yr.
Mary, their dau. D.-Oct.15,1848. Age 22 years.
Harriet, .. ..       D-Aug.3,1850. Age 15 years.
Hannah Eliza, Dau. D-Feb.21,1859. Age 27 years.

Lot No.23:Pliny Babcock. D-Apr.10,1858. Age 38 years.
Lot No.60:Alonson Babcock. D-Sept.14,1831. Age 25 years.
                S---          ..          D-Aug.27,1826.Age 13 yrs.
                Seymour   ..          D-dec.7,1829. Age 22 yrs.

(These three boys are the sons of William & Julia Babcock) Names
found in Ont. Co Records,of 1796-97 Lemuel,George,Isaiah, William
Babcock.     Records also state that Oliver Babcock owned both
Sect. 43 & 44.



  This is repetitious but is in the records this way.

Cern. lot No.21.
Deacon George Babcock.     D-Mch. 18,1816. Age 67 years.     B-1749.

Sarah, his wife.                    D-Nov. 2, 1820. ..  69  ..                B-1751.

Oliver Babcock                     D-Jan. 24,1884. Age 93 yrs. 8 mo.

Hannah Levalley, wife.          D-Mch 20, 1853.  ..   59  ..

Holden, son of Oliver & Hannah.          D-1825. Age 1 yr.

Mary         dau.      ..  ..                      D-Oct.15,1848. Age 22 yrs.
Harriet         ..         ..  ..            D-Aug.3,1850.    ..    l5   ..
Hannah_Eliza ..      ..  ..          D-Feb. 21,1859.  ..   27   ..


Cern. Lot No. 23
Pliny Babcock.     D-Apr.10,1858. Age 38 yrs.


Cem. Lot No. 60.
Alonson Babcock.     D-Sept.14,1831.          Age                        25 yrs.
Seymour   ..            D-Aug.27,1826.             ..                            22  ..
S----          ..          D-Dec.7, 1826.               ..                           13  ..
(3 children of William & Julia Babcock)


Babcock Church records:

William Babcock,Elder & Deacon.Joined before 1830. Sep,.3 1836

Julia.       ..                              

Oliver         ..                        Clerk 1830. E1der 1846.

Julius       ..          By letter,May 5,l832.~Dis)

Julia 2nd   ..                                       

Hannah    ..                        Joined before 1830. Died Mch.20,1853.

Dolly        ..                        Ex. Apr.27,1831.                        Dis. Sept.3,1836.

William    S...                        ..  ..  .. .. .         ..    Feb.l6,1835.

Herman       ..                        ..  ..  .. .. .         ..    Sept. 3,1836.

Bethiah        ..                        . .    Nov.5,1831.      ..      ..        ..

Pliny            ..                        ..     Dec.8,1831.                        Died Apr.l0,1858.

Joseph M.    ..

Laura D.       ..                                                               Died  June 20,1835.

Mary T.        ..                        ..     May 4, 1838.                ..                  1848.

Charles T.     ..                              ..  ..  .. ..                        Dis. Mch.8,1847.

Charlotte       ..   ..    Dec.   1842. (Mrs. Robinson)

Mrs. Frances B. Babcock. Ex.   1852.

  Hannah Eliza,child of O. Babcock, baptised Mch.4,1832.

Laura D. Babcock,adult, baptised Mch. 17,1833.

Harriet Jane, child of Oliver Babcock, baptised July 26,1835.

Emma Olivia    ..  ..                        ..                        ..      Nov. 6,1837.


From Ont. Cty. history:

Oliver Babcock. Township Lot No. 43-44 (Cross Rd. & Ennerdale site,

Lemuel     ..                        ..                        ..  ..  46                        (Gardner farm)

William Babcock, also on      ..   ..     43.     (Cross Rd.)


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