Pioneer Cemetery

Town of Hopewell, Ontario County, New York

Page 2 - Lot Owners and Town Settlers

Last Name First Name Lot #
Angel Jason 20
Angel Joseph 46
Arnold Elisha 2
Babcock Alonson 60
Babcock Deacon John 21
Babcock Pliney 23
Badger Henry 103
Baldwin Azor 39A
Bancroft Spencer 56
Barnes Demas 27A
Bates Philo 17B
Beech David 30A
Belding Azor 39B
Belding Silas 31
Bennett Thomas 50
Biggs Silas 101
Birdseye James 14
Birdseye  Ezekiel 12
Birdseye  Joseph                10
Bodman                                     William 26
Bradt                                             Aaron 52
Brizzee   70
Brundage George 47
Brundage John 17
Burhance U. 66
Carpenter David 37
Case James W. 98
Case John 33
Case Richmond 77
Childs Austin 86
Childs Enos 74
Clark A. 1A
Clark William 92
Coller or Collier Lewis 57
Cone David 5A
Cone James 87
Cone Warren 25
Cone Winfield 6A
Conklin S. 24
Cook Arthur M. ?
Corson Derrick 73
Corson Lefford 49
Couch Eli 32A
Couch Geoge 80
Cowles Lydia ?
Davidson Samuel 79
DeGraff Seth V. 90
Densmore                                          Zimri 61
DePew Hiram 30
Dixon or Dickson John and Robert 6
Dudley John 1B
Dunham Timothy 58
Embry Thomas 119
Flint Roswell 36
Fosket James 67
Freshour J. 54
Gambier or Gamber William 53
Gardner James B. 34
Gates Buel 78
Gates Capt. Daniel 48
Gates Daniel 112-113
Gates Daniel, Sr. 22
Gates Daniel, Jr. 2A-4A
Gates Fordys 89
Goodwin Linus M. 76
Grimes Charles 28
Hallock   92a
Handy Samuel 17a
Hart Capt. Joel S. 41
Hart Isaac 39
Hayes Arnold 63
Hayes James 72
Henion M. 45
Herrick Jonathan 64
Howe           William 107
Kane James ?
Kerskie Earnest 115
Kerskie Frederick 116
Ketcham Alexander H. 68A
Kimball C. 52A
Kimball Enos 97
Lamberson       William 32
Levalley       Richard 32B
Lewis David 27
Lewis Nathaniel 40
May Pitt 50A
McPherson Norman 91
Mead Deacon John 75
Merrill Rev. Joseph R 4
Miles Thomas 19
Miles Loyal 88
Miles Amasa 8
Murray Major Elijah 13
Murray William D. 11
Noble Enoch 43
Olmstead Aaron 63A
Onderdunk Isaac 82
Parsonage Lot   3
Payne S. 67A
Phelps Nathan &
Pickle Deacon Jacob S. 42
Polhamus       John 83
Pratt Carlton F. 102
Pratt Joel 29
Pratt Dr. Jonathan, Jr. 64
Rodgers Samuel 71
Root           James W. 68
Russell        Deacon John 5
Smith Elam 38
Smith John M. 85
Smith John 35
Smith Nathaniel  65
Smith Virgil 65A
Smith Zalmon 64A
Stone Elihu 27
Stone John J. 13A
Sturdevant L. 6B
Taylor Erasmus 9
Thatcher Alonza or Alonzo 16
Thatcher Israel 44
Thomas L. 31A
Townsend Orrin 81
Tuffs or Tufft James 59
Tuttle Joseph 72A
Torry Dr. A. 48A
Tracy Olive 43A
Watkins E. 18
Waugh P. 28A
Waugh Thomas 32B
Walker M. L. 76A
Whitacre Robert 49
Whitney B. 24A
Witter Isaac 15
Witter L. 93
Witter O. 93A
Wier Marie 94
Wyckoff A. 55
Wyckoff Samuel 51B
Wyckoff Daniel 62
Wyckoff or Wykoff James 51
Wyckoff William 51A
Yeckley Deacon John 65B

Town of Hopewell Section Map

Town of Hopewell Map


See section numbers on map above..

Janekes Angel, 1775-1829 Sect 43
Elisha Arnold. 1776-1845 47
Dea. George Babcock, 1749-1816 47
Oliver Babcock son. 1791-1884 43-44
Lemuel Babcock, 1772- 46
William babcock. 43
Henry Badger. 1746.1809
Demas Barnest son. 1793-1828
Philo Bates, son. 1799-1629 21 0.
Samuel Bennett.son, 1800-1875
David Beech, 1796-1889 42 .4
Silas Belding 1788-1825
William Bodman, 1772-1821 40
Aaron Bradt. 1783-1860
James Birdseye. 1776-1835 48
Joseph Birdseye. 1767-1805 48
Joseph Brundage 1748-1800. 16-18
George Brundage,son, 1769-1850. 18
John Brundage, son. 177O-lB53. 16
Shubel Clark. 1762-1813 22
John Dudley. 1796-1854 47
John Case. 1776-1815. 39
Joshua Case.
Richmond Case. 24
Ozias Cone. 1775-1805. 17
Elijah Childs. 1768- 69 or 67
Elijah Allis. 67
Capt. Samuel Conklin. 1762-1825,
Eli Couch. 1776- 70 or 71
Derrick Corson. 1769- 15
Samuel Davidson. 1765- 15
Zemri Densmore, 1786-1831. 68
Dea. Robert Dlckson, -1813. 24
Benjamin Depew. 1756- 13
Tlmothy Dunbar. 1764-1834
Roswell Flint. 1794-1859. 24
James Gardner, son of 1825-1898. 46
Ishmael Gardner.
Capt. Daniel Gates. 1771-1820 22
Daniel Gates, Sr. 1745-1832, 22
Linus M. Goodwin. 1805-1881,
James Hayes. 1776-1837
Capt. John Hart, 1747-1831. 47
David J. Henion 1763-1822.
William Howe. 1773-1860.
Enos Kimball 45
Alexander Ketcham, 1780-
Gabriel Ketcbam.
William Lamberson 1798-1857.
Richard Levelley. 1784-1813.
Nathaniel Lewis. 1780-1857. 72.
N. L. May wife Anna. 1773-1851. 45
Thomas Miles. 1759-1842, 20 *0
Alexander McPherson.
John Mead, 1782-1841. Cem. Rd.
Rev. Joseph Merrill. 1788-1827,
Major Elijah Murray, 1756-1816. 42
Willlam Murray, son. 1785-1827. 42
AAron Olmstead. 1800-1871
Nathan Phelps. 1749-1827. 46.
Dr. Jonathan Pratt. 1801-1880. 46.
Joel Pratt. 1779-1838, 22.
Dea. Jacob Pickle, 1793-1849. 45,
John Polhamus. 1787-1831. 72
Dea. John Russel, 1747-1813, 44
Zalmon Smith, 1743-1826, 46,
Nathaniel Smith, 1794-1886. Gorham.Gould Birdseye Rd.
John Smith. 1774-
John J. Stone. 1787-1857.
Elam Smith, wife Jerusha, Sect. 69.
Erasmus Taylor, 1782-1813
Orin Townsend dau, -1812
Israel Thatcher. 1782-1856, 67
Dr. Augustus Torry. 1778-1856 22
Joseph Tuttle, 1793-1875,
Dea. John Yeckley 1773-1834 Seneca
Ephraim Watklns. 1788-1843. 48
Erasmus Watkins, 71,
Robert Whitacre 1769-1822, 19
Bascom Whitney, 1769-1839, 62
James Wyckoff, 1788-1840. 17 or 19

The records of some of the very first settlers are lost like those of Ozias Cone which I have from Family Records, and who came to Sect. 17 around 1790, The first to show on Town records is that of his son Warren. So, when I have found a son born around the first Settler years, the son's name must take the place of the father.

These names lacking the Sect. No. upon which they settled must Indicate that they lived In Gorham or Seneca Township, and if we were to search those Township Records, there we might find their names.


WHERE THEY LIVED. X-Cemetery--0-Parsonage site.
This list refers to the circled numbers on the map above.

(1)James Wyckoff.
(2)Capt. Robert Whitacre, Augustus Brundage, grandson. Chas. Brundage. Geo. B.
(3)Hugh Reznor, Polly, widow of' Hugh, 2nd w. of' Robt.Whitacre, (now Purple).
(4)Ozias Cone, widow M- Geo Brundage, Sr. Road now closed.
(5)McClure House, Site of. Indian encampment. Wm. Wyokoff's cabin across Rd.
(6)william Wyckoff. Tavern 1800. Now owned by Love.
(7)Philo Bates. House still stands--was very nice home.
(8)Joel Pratte Harvey Pratt. Harvey Pratt & his sisters, Anna & Puss(Jean).
(9)Daniel Gates, Sr. Capt. Dan'l Gates. (Now Mrs. Finnagan,Sr.)
(10)Dea. Robert Dickson.   Reed's Corners Rd.
(11)Richmond Case. Omar Case. Hadley Case.
(l2)Thomas Miles, (The large square house built by the Miles family.)
(13)N. L. May, Pitt May a son. Around 1800 a tavern.
(14)Dea. George Babcock.  
(14-A) Mary Gates, mother of Esther Cook.
(15)Maria Wier, a widow, grandmother of Mary Babcock(Mrs. Fred Benham)
(16)Leonard Gates, wife Betsy Birdseye. Fordys Gates.
(l7)Lewis Wltter. Wife Hannah Birdseye. House now gone.
(18)Elisha Arnold. Dau. 1st wife of David W. Cone.
(19)Enos Kimball.
(20)William Babcock
(21)Jacob Pickle,  Much later Mrs. Henrietta Scandling.(Now Fruit Stand)
(22)Capt. John Hart. Ephraim Watkins, Clinton Watkins. Jason Gates. Now Zimmerman.
(23)Lemuel Babcock, Son Lyman, married Nancy Birdseye. James Gardner. .. man.
(24) Joseph Birdseye, Ezekiel Birdseye, Jos. Birdseye. (now E. Finnagan, Jr.)
(25)Nathan Phelps. Zaomon Smith. Dr. Pratt. Carlton Pratt, house burned.
(26)Austin Childs, House burned.
(27)]Elijah Childs, Allis(Ellis) Childs. Mary Childs. Now Moore.
(28)James Birdseye  Much later the old Pollok Farm.
(29) Nathaniel Smith.
(30) Gould Birdseye, Now John Birdseye, First was the Wynkoop House.
(3l)Elam Smith. Much later James Burgess. House burned.
(32)Nathaniel Lewis. House burned. Tom Moore built present house on site,
(33)Eli Couch.
(34)Israel Thatcher
(35) Spangle
(36) Zemri Densmore
(37) Freshour.
(38)Dea. John Russell. (Much later Ennerdale Station)
(39)Hiram Depew, wife Aunt Lucy, a widow many yrs. House was nice then.
(40)James Cone. David W. Cone (Cude).
(41)Major Elijah Murray, son William Murray. House gone down, was nice.
(42)William Bodman, David Beech, Winfield Cone.
(43)Joshua. Case, John Case.
(44) Site of Joseph Brundage's log cabin. Sect. 16-18 first owned by him.
(45)The present County House.
(46)George Brundage, Sr. Geo. Brundage, Jr. Now owned by Robert Pollok.
(47) John Brundage, Calvin Crane, wife Susan Brundage. LeGrand Crane.
(48)Samuel Davidson. Stone house in center of farm.
(49)Derrick Corson
(50)John DePew 
(51)Silas Benham
(52) Benham,
(53)Ezra Newton.  Vernon Newton. Howard Newton. 
(54) The Carloughs



Sect. NO.
l John Kellogg, early located.
2 -
3 Elder Anson Shay. Many long remembered that earnest gospel teacher of the Baptist faith.
4 -
5 Ezekiel Crane, died 1804.
6 Elisha Higby, erected the lst fulling mill in Hopewell and possibly In the County. A highly esteemed citizen, an early magistrate,. His dau. married Evander Sly. Later land owned by Captain Chapin.(Near Chapin.)
7 -
8 - Knickerbacker.
9 -
10 Evander Sly, Later owned by W. Stoddard, then the Wilsons
11-John Greeg, .. James Moore, Inn Keeper.
12-Amos Knapp
13-John DePew, father of Hiram, husband of Aunt Lucy DePew,
14-Silas Benham...C.Bush
15-Derrlck Corson..Mosefi DePew.. A Mr. Cassort, Robt. Davidson.
16-Joseph Brundage, pioneer from Buck Co. Pa.
17-John Faurot.. Russell Warren.. Both pioneers.
18-Joseph Brundage. same as 16. Came before 1790.
19-Robert Whitacre. From Muncy, Pa. Came before 1790.
20-Miles family.
21-Philo Bates. Built house now standing. When new said to be one of the finest in western New York state.
22 Daniel Gates from Vermont in 1798.. Daniel Warren.. Shubel Clark.. Daniel Gates, Jr.
23-Faurot.. Geoge Chapin.
24-Richmond Case.. Omar Case.
25-Elam Crane.. Ezra and Leonard Knapp.
26-Hon. Amos Jones. b.1793. From Maryland in 1805.
27-Thadeus Benham.
28-Amas James.. Amos Gilbert.
29-Walter M. Marks.
30-Joseph Lee from New England prior to 1805.
32-Ollver Warner from Mass.
35-Eben Benham.. John Benham.. Eli Benham,
37-Ezra Newton from New England.. John Newton.
38-Erastus Leonard.. Luther Porter.
39-Joshua Case.. Purdy.. Ketcham.
40-William Bodman in 1798.. Daavid W. Beech.
4l-a brother of Joshua Case.. David W. Case.
42-first owned by Wm. Murray, son of Major Elijah Murray.
43-Oliver Babcock.. Willlam Babcock.
44-Elijah Allis from Conway, Mass.. Austin Childs.. First by Dea. John Russell.
45-Deacon Jacob Pickle.
46-Austin Childs.
47-Frederick Follett.. Benj. Wells.. John Hart.
48-Joseph Birdseye from Stratford, Conn. in 1797-8
49-Edward Root, He came to Hopewell in 1800.
50-Thomas Edmonson.. Daniel Macumber.
52-Captain Thomas Davis.
54-Rufus Warner,
55-Apollos Baker in 1800.
56-Rufus Warner.
59-John Price.. W.A.Reed.
61-Dantel Levere from Maryland.. S.J. Carlough.
62-George Levere from Maryland.
63-The Spangle Family from Harrisburg, Pa, in 1811.
65-John Freshour from Maryland.. son W.J. Freshour.
67 Isreal Thatcher from New England, Son Elisha Thatcher.
68-Zimri Densmore. 1786-1831.
69 Elam Smith
70 George Couch,
71-A Mr. skinner,
72-Nathanial Lewis.. Son John Lewis.


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