Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery Cont.

Page 8; Goodwin thru Lincoln

Linus M. Goodwin

Cem. Lot 76
Linus M. Goodwin         b. -1805         d. -23 Oct 1881    age 76 yrs. 2 mos.

Abigail, wife of
John Goodwin              b. -1773         d. -16 Jun 1854    age 80 yrs. 10 mos.
Church Records :
Linus Goodwin            Ex. -20 Dec 1831    Dis. to jion Methodist Ch.
Abagail Goodwin         Ex. & Bapt. -13 Jan 1833

Charles Grimes

Cem. Lot 28
Ostin (Austin) & Dealyer (Delia) Grimes, children of Charles and Hepsy Grimes.


Cem. Lot 92
Nothing on lot.

George Miles married a Hallach from Orleans, Town of Phelps.

Samuel Handy,   Cem. Lot 17.
Joel Hart

Cem. Lot 41
Capt. Joel S. Hart    b. -1782           d. -6 Jun 1852      age 70 yrs.
Zerujah, his wife     b. -1792           d. -9 Jan 1821      age 29 yrs.
Lydia, 2nd wife       b. -1788           d. -21 Aug 1831    age 43 yrs.

Joel P. Hart            b. -1826           d. -26 Jul 1850      age 24 yrs. 

Capt. John Hart       b. -1747           d. -28 Apr 1830    age 83 yrs.
Mary, his wife         b. -1752           d. -20 Sep 1834    age 82 yrs. 

Church record :
If we only had the first Clerk's book of the Hopewell Pres. Church, that would have
told us more of all these very early pioneer families. I believe that Joel Hart was
its first Clerk. The Hart family then lived on Sect. 47, the first house west of the
Jo Birdseye home, south side of road. Then it became the Clinton Watkins farm
and much later the Jason Gates place, now Zimmerman. Capt. John Hart served
in the Revolutionary War.  
Isaac Hart

Cem. Lot 39
Isaac N. Hart           b. -1814           d. -3 Nov 1867   age 53 yrs.
Esther C., his wife    b. -1820           d. -28 Sep 1847  age 27 yrs.
(dau. of W. R. Pettit)
Church Record :  
John Hart            Charter Member
Molly (Mary) Hart
       "           "

Sarah E. Hart        Ex. -8 Dec 1831    
Joel S. Hart          Ex. -13 Jan 1833
Hannah Hart         By letter -Mar 1833         
John Hart             Ex. -6 May 1838
Olive Hart                                            Dis. -26 May 1844
Mary Hart                                             Dis. -1 Nov 1845
Mrs. Maria Hart     Ex. -2 May 1865
In 1859 Isaac Hart was living on the cross road west of the Zimmerman place,
on the Van Voren place. David S. Hart was in the Civil War. I think he was a
grandson of Capt. John Hart. I think that Maria Hart was a dau. of Richmond

A. Hayes

Cem. Lot 63
May have been Arnold Hayes who married Rebecca Whitacre?

James Hayes

Cem Lot 72
James                      b. -1776               d. -29 Apr 1837   age 61 yrs.
Jane, wife of James    b. -1779              d. -3  Dec 1853   age 74 yrs.
James Eddy Hayes      b. - 20 Oct 1809   d. -28 Oct 1865  age 56 yrs.
Cherch Records :
James E. Hayes      Ex. -8 Dec 1831        Dis. 3 May 1855
Mary E. Hayes        By letter, -3 May 1834
Jane Hayes                                          Dis. -1 Sep 1838


Cem. Lot 45
David J. Henion           b. -1763               d. -1 Jul 1882   age 59 yrs.
Ann, his wife              b. -1800               d -5 May 1826   age 62 yrs.

see also: http://boards.ancestry.com.au/surnames.henion/31/mb.ashx
Church Records:
Ann Henion,    Adult,   Ex. -5 Jun 1834      Dis. -16 Feb 1835
James & Lester,  Children,   Bapt. -3 Feb 1834

This family was among the early settlers.



Cem. Lot 64
Celina Jane, dau. of
Jonathan & Hannah Herrick  b. -1824     d. -22 Jun 1856   age 32 yrs. 2 mos. 26 days

Hill, Welcome Corydon, son of Ira & Sarah F.; died Dec 1846; ae 3 yrs;


        William Howe

Cem. Lot No. 103
William Howe                  b. -1773       d. -4 Dec 1860   age 87 yrs. 20 dys.

An infant son of Stephen & Laura; died Oct 5 1826; ae 5 days;
William E.; died Mar 16 1828; ae 5 mos;


Charles; died Aug 21 1872; ae 69 yrs;
Phila, wife of Charles; died May 13 1856; ae 55 yrs;

James Kane

Cem. Lot 8A
A James Kane and his wife Maggie Harrington worked at Ontario County House
in Town of Hopewell.

Lucina E., dau of J. & R. and wife of W. W. Miles; died May 7 1872; ae 33 yrs 8 mos;



Cem. Lot 8A
Ernest W.Kerskie          b. -1891       d. -1937       age 46

Cem. Lot 3A
Frederick Kerskie          b. -16 Nov 1846  d. -10 Mar 1929   age 83  m. -1871
Anna (Absomowsk) Kerskie , his wife b.-26 Jul 1849  d.-4 Jan 1925   age 76

John, their son             b. -1882         d. -1929      age 47


Gottlieb Kerskie,                      father  of Frederick Kerskie
Gottliebe (Absomowsk) Kerskie  Mother "       "           "

Christolt Absomowsk, the father  of Anna (Absomowsk) Kerskie
Anna Absomowsk,      the mother "    "              "            "

They had 13 children, 7 born in West Prussia, 6 were born in NY State (Hopewell).
came to America in 1883.

1. Wilhemina Karlyn Kerskie, b. -28 Sep 1872  m. James Faulkner, 20 Dec 1920
2. Frederick
3. Gottlieb
4. Hermann
5. Fredericka Wilhelmina Kerskie b. -9 May 1878  m. -24 Mar 1898 Emil Brahm.

      Walter H.   b. -10 Oct 1899   d. -5 Mar 1931
      Wilhelm Ernest b. -6 Oct 1901  m. -4 Jul 1925, Mary Dickson.
      Edward Mosher b. -24 Feb 1904 m. Winifred McIntyre.
      Lewis              b. -18 Jun 1906 m. -1 Feb 1928, Dorothy Henry.
            Frances Imogene Brahm  b. -31 Jul 1923  d. -1923
            Wilhelm J. Brahm         
            Chester Brahm               b. -1927           died at birth.
            Donald Richard Brahm
            Robert Brahm
            Verna Mae Braham
            Shirley Lou Brahm
            James Rodney Braham
6. John Kerskie    b. -26 Jun 1882   d. -26 Apr 1929  twin
7. Johanna Kerskie  b.      "            d. -1886
8. Emma Wright Kerskie  b. -28 Nov 1885    m. Nov 1905, Charles McManus.
       Daughter Nov 1906 died at birth.
       Catherine McManus   b. -20 Nov 1907  m. Frank Lawrence, 5 Jul 1927.
       Gladys Dorothy McManus  b. -Nov 1910   d. -age 18 mos.
       Robert McManus
9. Otto Emil Kerskie     b. -17 Oct 1887           d. Oct 1957
m. 15 Mar 1917  Bernice Gillis
            Elaine H. Kerskie
10. Ernest Wilhelm Kerskie   b. -6 Jul 1891   m. -25 Dec 1933, Hazel Ostrander.
       Ernest Kerskie
11. Jule Wilhelmina Kerskie  b. -24 Feb 1893   m. -5 Jul 1923, Ray Sailer.
       Carol Ann Sailer 
12. Pauline B. Kerskie     b. -20 Jan 1897

Otto E. 1886-1957
Bernice, R. N.; 1891-1980;
Hazel O.; 1900-1975;
Pauline B.; 1897-1981;


The Kerskie family were an unusual one coming from Prussia in 1883, with their children. They were hard working folk, raising their large family, thou' some had died young. The first I remember of them was one day when we were coming home from Canandaigua, with a horse and buggy, we caught up with a young woman and a child along the foot of the lake. We stopped and asked them to ride. The woman was crying and very frightened. It seemed that she expected her husband to meet her train, but someway their plans had miscarried and no one was there. Her husband worked for Henry Pratt, so my mother knew where to take her.

Later the Kerskies moved to the house south of the old cemetery, and their daughter Frederika came to stay with us and help my mother. She was called Fritzie. I remember her as a shy, quiet girl but we all liked her. She must have been around 14 and her sister Jule was born while Fritzie was with us. I also knew John quite well and Ernest a very little, but the others I did not know at all. The oldest dau. Wilhemina, was away and the others were younger that I.

Then the family moved to the house on the west corner of the turnpike and the Cem. Rd. There the father and mother both died. The father took care of the Cem. for many summers as the Clerk's book shows.


Cem. Lot 68.
Hannah, wife of A. H.; b. -1781 d. - Jan 14 1822; age 40 yrs;
Elvira, dau of A. H. and Hannah; b. -1825 d. - May 1833; age 8 yrs;
Church Records.
Alexander Ketcham      Ex. -6 May 1832    Dis. -27 Oct 1841
Amy, his 2nd wife        Ex. -30 Jun 1832   Dis. -4 Oct 1840
Amy Ketcham, Adult, Bapt. -1 Jul 1832.
Hannah, Elvira and Elizabeth, Children of Brother and Sister Ketcham,
               Bapt. -22 Jul 1832

Church Rec. page 69 Gabriel Ketcham, Alexander Ketcham.
    "       "      "    127 Amy Ketcham to Cong. Church of Canandaigua.
    "       "            In 1841 Alexander and wife Amy to Brockport or Branchport, NY.


Cem. Lot 52
The Kimble family came to Hopewell from New Jersey.

       Enos Kimball

Cem. Lot 97
Church Records :
James Kimball    Ex. -2 Oct 1830     Dis. -15 May 1831   Bapt. -3 Oct 1830



Cem. Lot 32
William Lamberson.
Harriet, wife of William;  b. -1798  d. -May 17 1857; age 59 yrs;
David, son of W. and H.; b. -1837  d. -Jan 1 1850;    age 13 yrs;

Richard               b. -1784   d. -Feb 10 1813   age 29 yrs
Clarissa, no dates    d. at age 2 yrs.
Susan,    no dates    d. at age 1 yr.
Church Record :
Erie (Era) Levalley     Ex. 27 Apr 1831     Dis. 13 Jan 1839

Holden Levalley, father of Richard, had three Children : (1) Hannah 1794-1853 married Olver Babcock, 1794-1884. (see Babcock lot 21); (2) C. Levalley and wife L., parents of Clarissa and Susan. (3) Richard Levalley 1784-1813. Note, the names of their four children : a son Era or Ere or Erie who lived in Medina; A son Ara and a son Iri, who moved to Mich. and a dau. Oro. Now these were niece and nephews of Hannah Levalley Babcock, but may not have been Richards children, but another child of Holden Levalley.


Cem. Lot 40
Nathaniel;         b. -1780   d. -Mar 28 1857    age 77 yrs.
Catharine, wife  b. -1780   d. -Feb 20 1857     age 77 yrs.
Roswell, son of Nathaniel & Catharine, b. -1803  d. -May 24 1838 age 35 yrs.
Charles, son of Nathaniel & Catharine, b. -1822  d. -July 28 1825 age 19 mos.

The Nathaniel Lewis Family lived on Sect. 72 in the house which burned on the site of the Tom Moore home. One of their sons Nathaniel B. Lewis married Catherine Smith and their daughter Kate E. Lewis married Doc. Parker who lived across from the Mary Gates place where Bert Moore now lives. They had two children, Anna and Charles. Charles drew one of the Cemetery Maps which the Association has.

Another daughter of Nathaniel B. Lewis married Gates Smith and their children were Kate and Lewis, who married Carrie Couch (See Couch Records). John Lewis, brother of Nathaniel B. was grandfather or William Lewis now living (at time of this writing) on upper Main Street, Canandaigua.

Lewis Station was named from the early family.

Cem. Lot 27

David Lewis,                  b. -1816  d. -Nov 25 1883,  age 67yrs. 8 mos.
Elizabeth, wife of David,  b. -1809  d. -Sept 15 1888,  age 79 yrs.



David Lewis was an Englishman. They lived across from the Cemetery. John Greenough was a nephew and he married Hattie Glue. The Glue family lived on the west corner of the turnpike and the cemetery road, when I was a small girl. I remember the glue family, the Lewis family, also John Greenough. I do not think they were related to the Nathaniel Lewis family.

Mary, dau. of J. W. Lewis,       d. -1849, age 2 yrs. (not sure where she fits in)




Mary,  died Dec 20 1825 in 29th yr.  next to Cornelius Wykoff;

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