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Cem. Lot 31
Mary Jane, dau of Lovewell H. & Mary, d. -1835 age 5 yrs.





Cem. Lot 48
Augustus,   b. -May 4 1778     d. -Nov 30 1858   age 80 yrs.
Susanna, (Babcock) wife of Augustus & widow of Daniel Gates, Jr.  

              b. -1777   d. -Feb 21 1856, age 79 yrs.


Church Records :

Olive Torry                 Ex. and Bapt. -6 May 1838   

Susannah Torry           an early member

Mercy Torry                Ex. 11 Dec 1831

Lorinda Torry              Ex. 4 May 1838


The Torrys lived for a time across the road from the church, later in the David Lewis place. The dau., Mercy Torry, married Jabez Metcalf, the father of Judge Metcalf of Buffalo.





Cem. Lot 81
Elizabeth, dau of Orrin & Nancy d. -1847,  age 11 mos.





Cem. Lot 43
Olive,        d. -Feb 13 1813 age 28 yrs.




Irving S., son of M. J. & I. J. d. -Jan 6 1863,     age 3yrs. 11mos. 16days
Anna E., dau. of M. J. & I. J. d. -Sept 10 1869,  age 6yrs. 4mos. 15days
Vinton G., son of M. J. & I. J.,  d. -Dec 30 1862 age 1yr. 9mos. 29days


What tragic and heart breaking days these dear people saw.





Cem. Lot 72
Joseph E.,         b. -1793     d. -June 20 1875,  age 81 yrs. 8 mos.
Cassandra, wife of Joseph E.,    b. -Oct 25 1801 d. -Nov 9 1864, age 63 yrs.
Read, son of Joseph & Amy, d. -Nov 3 1850age 23 yrs. 3 mos. 10 days
     (These Tuttle burials are on the Hayes lot)


Church Records :

Joseph E. Tuttle,          Ex. and Bapt. -1842

Caroline     "                 "           "         "


A Mrs. Tuttle was a Bennett.

Was this Mrs. Eliza Tuttle, mother of Ruth Tuttle of Canandaigua?

A Mrs. Walter Swan was also a Tuttle.

Benjamin Tuttle is in the 1790 Ontario County Census.




Mary Purdy, no dates, "Darling Mother"




Cem. Lot 18

Clinton Watkins was born in Ontario Co. in 1811. His wife was Frances Case, a dau~ter of Richmond and Lydia Case. See p. 27. They had a daughter Grace Watkins who married and lived in Niagara Falls.The Watkins home was on Sect. 47, now the Zimmerman place. 


Cem. Lot 18. Continued
Ephraim Watkins.                  B. -l788.  D. -
Nov 30 1843.  Age 55 years 8 mos.
Deborah, wife of Ephraim, B. -1796. D -Apr 3 1876,   Age 80 yrs.
Eliza Jane, dau of Ephraim & Deborah B. 1827 D. -Mar 28 1877,  age 55 yrs.
Harriet, dau of Ephraim & Deborah,    B. -1837 D. -1841, age 4 yrs.
Lydia, dau of Ephraim & Deborah,      B. -1835  D. -1839, ae 4 yrs.
Eliza A., dau of Ephraim & Deborah;   B. -1816  D. - 1816,  age 1 mo.

Erasmus and Deborah were the parents of Clinton Watkins and settled on Sect 71. Their house stood on the corner of Spangle Street and the Turnpike. I remember the old house which was back of the newer house which burned while the Burgesses owned the place. The Watkins may have been the ones to set out the now old evergreen row of trees on the west. This is just a


Caroline, wife of Thomas and dau of Peter & Magdalin Wynkoop, born in Ulster Co. Oct 15 1793, died Jan 21 1841, Adeline, dau. of Thos. & Caroline, born Sept 24 1820; died in Ontario Co. July 7 1852.


Cem. Lot 49
Capt. Robert, b. -June 21,1769.   d. -Mch.22,1822.   age 53 yrs.

             War of 1812,  10th Reg. Cav.
Margaret Wyckoff, his 1st wife.    B. -Nov.14,1769.  D. -Feb. 1810.   Age 41 years.
Polly Johnston, his 2nd wife.        B. -Jan. 12,1779.  D. -Sept. 1862. Age 83 years.

On this lot there was no sign that there ever had been a burial. But from my mother I knew that the pioneer Robert  Whitacre and his two wives(both pioneer women) were buried there and that at one time there were stones there. From the family records I had all dates of births and deaths. Also I had records of Robert Whitacre's service in the War of 1812, which led the Supervisors of Ontario Co. to erect a stone at his grave, according to a provision made by law that any unmarked soldier's grave may receive this recognition.  

The original fami1y of Whitacres were Quakers and some of them still are. They belonged to that branch of Quakers which settled in and around Philadelphia. John Whitacre took up land in Bucks Co. Pa. in 1699. A grandson of his, Robert Whitacre,Sr. with his wife, Sarah Windmer, moved from Bucks Co. PA to Muncy, Pa. with their family. Their son Robert married Margaret Wytkoff, and in 1790 they came to Hopewell and settled on Sect. 19, on the Turnpike(across from the Purple place) They had 8 children when Margaret died. I think she was a sister of James Wyckoff(See Cem. Records). 

Hugh Reznor and his wife Polly Johnston, also from Pa. lived across the road on Sect. 21. After Hugh's death, and after Robert returned from the War of 1812, he and Polly were married. They built the house which still stands, which we know as the Charles Brundage home. Robert and Polly's first child was Hannah Whitacre, who married my grandfather, George Brundage, Jr. who bought off the many heirs to the Whitacre farm, and gradually the place became known as the Brundage farm.

Editors note : It appears from the above that these records were written by a grand dau. of George Brundage, Jr.


Cem. Lot 24
Bascom Whitney.         B-1769.    D-June 21,1839.          Age 70 years.
Cynthia, wife of Bascom,     B. -1772.  D. -Aug 6 1849, Age 77 yrs. 9 mos.
John, son of Bascom & Cynthia, B-1799. D. -Aug 22 1827, Age 28 yrs. 10 mos.



Gem. Lot 94.
Maria Wier.                        B -?                        Age ?

Maria Wier's daughter Nancy, married Charles Thomas Babcock and they were the parents of Mary Babcock(Mrs. Fred Benham) After the stone on the Wier lot had crumbled away, it was Mrs. Benham who purchased the present stone and had it set on her grandmother's grave. I think the Wiers lived on the Cemetery Road, just over the Gorham line. No doubt there were other burials on this lot.

                        ISAAC WITTER. 

Gem. Lot 15.
Isaac Witter.          B. -1764.       D. -
Oct 11 1843     Age 86 yrs. 9 mos.
Margaret, wife,   B. 1765        D. -May 1 1848    Age 83 yrs. 19 days

Lewis P. Witter,     B. -1803.         D. -1892.              Age 89 yrs.
Margaret, 1st wife
of Lewis P.  B. -1804   D. -Jan. 14,1868.  Age 64 yrs. 8 mos. 4d.
Joseph L., son of L. & M.  B. -1826  D. -Jan 26 1852,     Age 25 yrs. 9 days

Hannah Birdseye, 2nd wife of Lewis, B. -1824  D. -Oct 1 1898,  Age 74 yrs. 4 mos. 18 days
Burried on her half brother's lot, see lot 10.

Lewis P. Witter's home was just over the line in Gorham township, and on the cross road back of the Jo Birdseye place. I believe that had been his parents home also. I was very familiar with the house during my growing up years, but it does not stand any more. A pleasant white house, with upright and wing running parallel with the road, white fence around, barn across the road. They kept bees and I always looked forward to Aunt Hannah treating me to home made bread and honey, when my mother and I would walk through our farm lots, climb the fence and there we were for an afternoon visit. A pleasant porch along the side of the wing, and a double horse block which went up one side of the fence and down the other. Once during my high school days, while my mother and Aunt Hannah were away visiting some cousins of the family, I spent a week there keeping house for Uncle Witter as I called him.  He was a very pius old gentleman.


Cem. Lot 93
Alanson,  born Oct 29 1828,  died Mar 4 1906
Sybil, wife of A. S., died Nov 23 1877,  age 46 yrs.
William O.,  died in Andersonville Prison Dec 5 1864,  age 24 yrs.
Sarah Jane, wife,  died May 14 1861,  age 19 yrs.
Mary Alice, dau of A. S. & Sybil,  died May 30 1861,  age 4 yrs.


Cem. Lot 1
Zenas, son of Jonathan & Susanna; died Sept 6 1818; in 23rd yr; and second year of his marriage;
Sophia, wife of Zenas; no dates;


Cem. Lot 51
James,                               B. -1788,   d. -June 20 1840 age 51 yrs. 8 mos.
Esther G., wife of James,   B. -1796   d. -July 14 1871,    age 75 yrs.
Infant son,                      B. -1817  d. -May 15 1817
Emma, dau of James & Esther, B. -1819 d. -Aug 5 1819,  age 9 mos.
Esther, dau,                         d. -Aug 7 1819,    age 9 mos. twin of Emma
Erasmus H.,        B. -1825        d. -Aug 13 1825 age 4 mos. 13 days
Mary Isabella,    B. -1836        d. -Apr 20 1837,    age 4 mos. 16 days
Joseph G.,                          d. -July 3 1910      age 86 yrs. 1 mo.
Eliza W.(M-Gates)    B. -1813.    d. -Jan. 21,1837     age   38 yrs.


Cem. Lot 51.
Samuel Wyckoff.         B -1798.    D. -June 16,1866.  Age 68 yrs. 5 mos.
Elizabeth, wife.            B -1792.    D. -May 18, 1875.  Age 83 yrs. 9 mos.
Hannah, 1st. wife        B. -1798.   D. -Aug. 24,1822.   Age 20 yrs.
Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel & Elizabeth.  B-1829.   D-Feb. 28,1830.  Age 3 mos.
24 days
William Wyckoff.          B. -1737.   D. -Apr. 1817.  Age 80 yrs.
Isabella, wife.              B -1767.    D. -Oct. 15,1837.  Age 70 yrs.
     Both inscriptions on one stone.

Some of the Wyckoffs had war records, with the Indians in Penn. and also with Sullivan Army. William Wyckoff was a Revolutionary soldier. See Soldiers Records, page 13.

James G. Wykoff.                        D. -July 5,1910.     age 88 yrs.
Mary, his wife                              D. -Jan. 23 1860
Hannah, their dau.  died Feb 2 xxxx

 Vinton G. Wykoff   Son of M. J. &L. Wykoff  D. -Dec. 30 1802  age 9 mos.

Irving S. Tufts. son of M. J. & L.J. Tufts  D. -Jan. 6 1863 Age 3 yrs.

I think the above 2 names may be in error but I am including them as they appear in the records, -burr

Anna E. Tufts,  dau. of M. J. & L. J. above  D. - Sep. 10 1860  Age 4 yrs.

Cornelius D. Wycoff.  d. -Apr 28 1841,  age 77 yrs. 6 mos.
Catherine, wife of Cornelius,  d. -Sept 2 1848, in her 74th yr.

I had an old letter written from Muncy, Pa. to the Whitacres on the Gharles Brundage place, saying that "Cornelius and Cathy had been married today and were setting out for their new life north." They settled on the County House Rd. on the north side near the Town-line road.


Cem. Lot ?
Emeline W., wife of D. G.; died Mar 21 1854; ae 37-8-15;
Orton, son of D. G. & Emeline; died Sept 20 1850; ae 4 yrs;
Watson, son of D. G. & Emeline; died Nov 12 1861; ae 19-11-7;
Neelie, son of J. G. & M. J.; died Apr 22 1862; ae 6 yrs;
Mary J., wife of Joseph G.; died Jan 25 1866; ae 42-10-25;



Cem. Lot 65.
Deacon John, b. -1773    d. -Sept 17 1834,  in his 61st yr.
Esther, wife of John, b. -1778   d. -June 8 1857   age 79 yrs.
Catharine dau.         b. -1815   d. -Sept 8 1820  (at the Seceder Church) age 5 yrs.
Elizabeth A., dau.     b. -1798    d. -Aug 9 1811,    age 13 yrs.
Mary T. dau.             b. -1797    d. -Jan. 19 1868   age 71 yrs.
She was the 1st. wife of Nathaniel Smith. see record.

Lot unknown
Margaret, d. -Oct 1 1840, age 27 yrs.


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