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and First Presbyterian Church of Hopewell - Page 11,

Ontario County, New York



Cem. Lot 93
Harriet R., wife of A. M.,  died -May 27 1871,  age 59 yrs.





Cem. Lot 38

Elam, son of             Elam & Jerusha Smith, d. -21 Jul 1815,  age 2 yrs.

Rebecca Smith, dau.     "           "                d. -1 Aug 1815   age 6 mos.


This (Elam Smith) family lived on the corner of Spangle St. and the Turnpike.



John M. Smith


Cem. Lot 85

John M.,                       b. -1827   d, -Apr 16 1899   age 74 yrs.
Olive H. Whitney, wife,  b. -1831   d. -July 31 1867   age 38 yrs. 7 mos.
Willie, their son,           b. -1851   d. -Sep 18 1857   age 6 yrs.
Nellie, their dau.           b. -1856   d. -May 12 1871  age 15 yrs.
Julia L.,  "     "              b. -1862   d. -Feb 24 1880   age 18 yrs.


Church Records :

Julia Smith.

Ex. Apr.30, 1831. (This may have been the Julia Smith in the Zalmon Smith family.)

John M. Smith family lived on the Gould Birdseye Road, across the road from Nathaniel Smith who was John's uncle. John had a sister who was Mrs. Alice E. Lewis of Stanley. Her 3 children were Frederick J. Lewis; Mrs. Grace Green also of Stanley; Mrs. Ena Ghapman of Rushville. Two grandsons, Howard Searles of Utica and Olive Searles or Rochester.

From the Canandaigua Messenger, Nov.22,1933.

"The funeral of Fred  E. Smith, formally of Canandaigua, who died yesterday in the Odd Fellows home in Lockport, N.Y. will take place tomorrow at 2 o'clock from the Kennedy's Mortuary Rooms, Bristol St. Services will be in charge of the Can. Lodge I.O.O.F. Internment will be in the Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery."

John Smith

Cem. Lot 35

Sarah, wife of John,                        b. -1776  d. -Jan 1 1849,  age 73 yrs.

Hartley C., youngest child of J. & S., b. -1818  d. -Oct 1837,      age 19 yrs.

Sophia, dau of J. & S.,                    b. -1809  d. -June 23 1830,  age 21 yrs.

From Conover "History of Ont. Co."
ohn Smith, son of Cyrus, came from Maine to Hopewell in 1812 with his Wife Sarah. Cyrus, his
son, b. -1796 in Maine, came with his father to Hopewell at the age of 16. He married Julia, a dau. of  Daniel Gates. See Gates. D.G.Smith(Gus) their son, b. 1835 in Palmyra. In 1859 he married Charlotte A. Lewis, B-1854, dau. of Nathaniel Lewis, See Lewis. Lewis B. Smith, their son, married Carrie E. Couch. See Couch. Kate G. Smith was a dau. unmarried.

Virgil and Nathaniel Smith


Cem. Lot 65

Nathaniel,                   b. -Sep 24 1794, d. -Aug 25 1886 age 92 yrs.

Mary T., wife of Nathaniel and dau of Dea. John Yeckley,

                                 b. -1797             d. -Jan 19 1868  age 71 yrs. 8 mos.

Rachel Hood, 2nd wife of Nathaniel,

                                 b. -1806             d. -Jul 23 1880   age 74 yrs.

Catharine N., dau of N. and M.,               d. -Jul 24 1829   age 6 yrs 4 mos. 9 days

Church Records :

Nathaniel Smith,           Elder in 1830                   Dis. -1844

Mary Smith                                                         "       "

Mrs. Mary T. Smith         Ex. -1851                       

Caroline Smith               Ex.    "                          

Phebe M. Smith             Ex.     "                           Dis. -1861

Mrs. Olive H. Smith        Ex.     "                           Dis. -1867

William H. son of Nathaniel Smith               Bapt. -19 Jun 1831

Phebe Mariam, child of brother Smith            Bapt. -26 Dec 1833 

Caroline Smith    "    "     "          "              Bapt. -Sept 1836

Virgil Smith        "    "     "          "              Bapt. -2 Nov 1839


Maria Vincent,    "    "    Rev. B. & S. Maria G. Smith Bapt. -18 Jun 1837

William Young    "    "     "         "        "            "    Bapt. -9 Jun 1839


Nathaniel Smith family lived in the first house, west side, of the Gould Birdseye Road off the Turnpike. I remember him as such an old man, and I think his dau. Caroline kept house for him. She did not marry.


At one time Virgil Smith, his son, lived near him on the same road. Alice Lewis of Gorham was a dau. of John and Olive Smith.



Zolman Smith


Cem. Lot 64

Zolman, Smith,              b. -1743      d. -Aug 1 1826  age 83 yrs.


Andrew Smith                 b. -1776      d. -Dec 15 1845  age 69 yrs.
Rebecca, wife of Andrew  b. -1777      d. -June 11 1856 age 79 yrs.


unknown Smith

Lot unknown
Charles C., son of Joseph & Fanny d. -Jan 16 1841 age 1 yrs.


Before 1800 Andrew Smith and his wife Rebecca Phelps came from Stratford, Conn. to Hopewell and located on the Turnpike, on Sect. 46. The Birdsdeye pioneer family lived across the road who too came from Stratford. Old Stratford records Show that the two families were somewhat related. In an old album in the Smith-Pratt home Julia Ann Smith addresses Phebe Birdseye as cousin.

Zalmon Smith, the father of Andrew, came to Hopewell with his son. At that time he was 57 and Andrew was 24. They no doubt built the house which burned while occupied by Carlton Pratt.

Andrew and Rebecca's daughter Julia Ann was born in Hopewell in 1807 and died Dec. 1,1838. She married Dr. Jonathan Pratt of Rushville, N.Y. (See Dr. Jonathan Prstt Records) and they had four children: (1)Andrew Smith Pratt born Apr. 10,1832 and died Nov.21,1863, age 31 yrs. (2)Charles Corydon Pratt born Aug. 18,1833 and died Mch.30,1834. (3)Eugene Asbury Pratt born May 9 l835, and a daughter Julia Ann, born Aug. 28, l838 - Nov. 28,1838. Dr. Pratt on his marriage to Julia Ann Smith, came to the Smith home to live and continued there till his death in 1880. His funeral service was the last service of any kind in the old church. I was but a few years old but was there and seem to remember it.

Dr. Pratt's 2nd wife, was Minerva Selover of Amsterdam, N.Y. and they had 3 children. (l)Charles Corydon, called Gordy . He died when 26. (2)  Cornelia Helen, who married Andrew Brizzee, but she died at her father's home at the age of 26. (3) Carlton F. Pratt who married Ida DuBois and they had in all 4 children. They lost their first son while young. The next son James lived at home and died at the age of 35. Evelyn Pratt, now Mrs. C. Leroy Stone, of Batavia and Gertrude, now Mrs. Irving Hoffmeister, also of Batavia.

Dr. Pratt was a well educated man, tho' I do not remember him as I do Mrs. Pratt. She was a refined, sweet woman and troubled that Garley was so different.

Elam Smith, according to "The History of Ontario Co," settled on Township lots Nos. 69 and 70. There are also other Smiths on or near the old Turnpike, but the connection between these families I cannot trace. 

About the year 1800 Andrew Smith and his wife Rebecca Phelps Smith came from Stratford, Conn. to Ontario Co. and located on the Turnpike in Hopewell on Township Lot No. 46. The Birdseyes were their neighbors and who also came from Stratford. In an old album owned by Carlton F. Pratt, their daughter Julia Ann Smith addressed Phebe Birdseye as cousin. In the early days of Stratford, Deacon John, Birdseye, son of John Birdseye who had come from England, married Phillipa Smith, a daughter of the Rev. Henry Smith also from England. Also in Stratford lived a Phelps family whose fine home is pictured in "The History of Stratford." 

The Rev. Eliakim Phelps. D.D. of Stratford, Conn. son of Dea. Eliakim Phelps, was born Mch. 20, 1790. A graduate of Union College; studied theology at Andover, and ordained in 1816. He was installed over the Presbyterian Chtirch in Geneva, N.Y. His son Austin Phelps was Proressor of Theological Science in Andover College for many years. 

Nathan and Hannah Phelps, buried on Lot 7 of the Hopewell Pioneer Gem. are believed to be the parents of Rebecca Phelps who married Andrew Smith. These people, the PheIps, the Smiths and the Birdseyes, all came from Stratford, Conn. so they may have been not only friends and neighbors there but also related in some way. 

The Cern. Lot No. 64 is in the name of Zolmon Smith who was probably Andrew's father. Two children of Elam and Jerusha Smith(See Gem. Lot 38) are buried here marked by a twin stone: Elam who D-July 21, 1815, age 2 yrs. and Rebecca who D-Aug. l,1815, age 6 mos. 

Either Zolmon, the father, or his son Andrew, built the house later known as the Carlton Pratt home, probably around 1807 or earlier for their dau. Julia Ann was born in this house in 1807. Dec.l,1830 she married Dr. Jonathan Pratt of Rushville and they lived in the Pratt home, or rather the Smith home, as it was then. Dr. Pratt and Julia Ann had four children: Andrew, born Apr.l0,1832. Died Nov.21,1863, age 31 yrs. He did not marry. Charles Corydon, B-Aug.l8,l83l and D-Mch.30,1832; Eugene Asbury,B-May 9, 1835; Julia Ann, B-Aug.28,l838. D-Nov.28,1838. No record of the death of Eugene Asbury but I believe he grew up and died at home unmarried. He was probably buried on the Pratt lot, 'tho there is no present record. 

After Dr. Pratt's 1st wife(Julia Ann smith) died Sept.13,1838, age 31 years and while her parents,  Andrew and Rebecca 'Smith were still living. He later married Minerva Selover 'of Amsterdam,N.Y. by whom he had three children; Charles Corydon, 2nd. B-Centerville, N.Y.1844. D-Feb.l0,1870 aged 26 years; Cornelia Helen, B-Hopewell May 19,1847. She married Andrew Brizzee of Hopewell and died at her father's home Feb. 26,1875; Carlton F. B- in Hopewell, who married, Ida DuBois who lived near Canandaigua. They had four children: Lewis who died at the age of 2 yrs; James who died May 10,1933; Two daughters, Gertrude and Evelyn. 

I remember Mrs. Pratt, Carley's mother, very well, and as a little girl would often run down there to see her. She was always very nice to me and I thought of her as a very kind and nice person to know.


Erastus S.,          d. -Sept 2 1852,           age  27yrs. 9 mos. 22 days
James, infant,     d. -Sep 11 1852,           age  2 mos.  26 days



Cem. Lot 13

John J.,               b. -1787       d. -Mar 3 1857,      age 70 yrs.
Sophia M.,  his wife, b. -1780    d. -Mar 14 1869,    age 80 yrs.

?Ann, wife of Chauncey   d. -Dec 23 1851,    age 30 yrs.

Church Records :

John J. Stone         by letter -13 Dec 1833           Elder -1846

From the church records I find that Sophia Murray (widow of Stone) lived at the Benhams. John J. Stone came from West Bloomfield.



Elihu Stone
Cem. Lot 26

Urania, dau of Elihu and Maria Stone,  d. -June 16 1865,  age 24 yrs.


According to Mrs. Fred Benham, this family lived on the Babcock cross road and on or near the Babcock house. They had another dau. who married Chas. Haskell. The family later went to Churchville.





Cem. Lot 6 (no record)

The Sturdevants lived on Sect. 71 where John Ross now lives. Ida Sturdevant lived near the "Sucker Brook" and sold that small place to Maria Hart, mother of Fanny Hart Riker.





Cem. Lot 9

Erasmus Taylor,        b. -1782          d. -Jan 7 1813         age 31 years

Sarah, his wife,         b. -1787          d. -May 17 1810      age 23 years





Cem. Lot 44
Israel,            b. -1782      d. -Mar 5 1866,          age 84 yrs. 8 mos.
Delight, wife,  b. -1786      d. -Oct 15 1857,         age 71 yrs. 4 mos. 26 days
Austin B.,       b. -1828      d. -May 19 1867,        age 39 yrs. 8 mos. 22 days


Mary E. dau. of J. W. & P. Lewis d. -26 Nov 1849  age 2 yrs.

Esther    "        "               "     


Evaline, dau. of Benj. & Catherine Renolds d. -25 Oct 1852, age 17 yrs. 8 mos.


Israel Thatcher and his wife Delight Litchfield, came from Mass. to Hopewell In 1808, and settled on Sect. 67. This is the way I have their records, tho' they may not be correct in many places. Israel & Delight had 5 sons and 5 daughters, but here is a partial record of four. (1)Alonzo 1816-1893, M-Hannah Purdy 1822-1907. Their ch. were Charles,died a baby. Anna who M- Asa Miles. (2)Elisha .D-1893. M-Lillis Rigs(See below) (3) Julia A. married in 1837 to Isaac VanOstrand, (4)A dau. who married a Lewis. Their two ch. were Mary E. (above) & Esther.



Cern. Lot 16.

   Alonzo Thatcher                             D-1893.
   Hannah Purdy, wife  b. -1812         D- 1907.
   Chas. Thatcher                               D-1868. (a baby)

   Elisha Thatcher                               D-1893
   Lillis Riggs,wife                                D-1896.


At River Forest, Ill. Dec.29,1876 Susannah Wormby, age  65, wife of Soloman Thatcher, formerly of Hopewell, N.Y.

At Chicago, Ill. Aug.22,1865, Stephen M. age 26, son of Soloman & Susannah Thatcher, of Hopewell Center,N.Y. 

David,1797,(son of Peter Carlough in N.J.) wife Susannah,1803, of Conway, Mass. 

Wesley D. Car1ough B-' 1850(son of David & Susannah) married in 1852 to Elizabeth VanBuskirk,B-1850,Dau. of Thomas & Rebecca---- 

Wesley had a dau. Josephine who M- Willis R. Buck and their son was Carl Buck, who recently died,l958 in Canandaigua,N.Y. 

Joseph Thatcher, wife Anna Lefevre, parents of Mrs. James Woods of Flint Creek and who took the dau. of Spencer Bancroft into her home with the death of the girls parents.(see Bancroft) Was Mrs. Spencer Bancroft a Thatcher?

    Peter Carlough lived at Burgess, N.J.

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