Ontario County, New York

Sample of 19th Century Arrest Warrants and Crimes

This is an interesting list. Some of my ancestors are here. How about yours.


Benjamin (Unknown) Vagrancy 1837
Joseph Abbey Assault And Battery 1835
John Abbotson Petit Larceny 1840
Joseph Abby Disorderly Conduct 1834
Joseph Abby Lack Of Bail 1835
William Ackley Assault, 2d Offense 1885
Francis Adams Petit Larceny 1833
John Adams Assault & Battery 1840
Iam Aldrich Trial Notice 1834
Luther Aldrich Profane Oath 1834
Gideon Allen Forgery 1841
Kohn Andrews Larceny 1835
Patrick Assett Assault 1832
Hiram Attwood Theft 1837
Hiram Atwood Petit Larceny 1838
Joseph Austin Theft 1835
Susan Austin Vagrancy 1834
Joseph Aven Rape 1835
Jediah Ayres House Of Prostitution 1834
Jediah Ayres Disorderly Person 1834
Richard Backenstone Grand Larceny 1834
Jane Bainbridge No Bail Money 1840
Jacob Baird Petit Larceny 1834
Wilson Baldridge Theft 1832
Eliza Bangs Disorderly Person 1837
Harrison Bannister Riot 1836
Lorenzo Bannister Riot 1836
Samuel Bannister Riot 1836
Simon Bartlet Lack Of Bail 1839
Simon Bartlet Assault And Battery 1839
Solomon Beach Theft 1835
Moses Beeman Fraud 1834
Moses Beeman Discharge From Jail 1834
Elmon Benjamin Disorderly Conduct 1835
Marinda A Bennett Petit Larceny 1839
George Benson Theft 1840
William Bero Assumpsit Plea 1834
Eli Bliss Disorderly, Baudy House 1840
Lucy Bliss Disorderly, Baudy House 1840
Daniel Blood Burglary 1835
Joseph Blood Burglary 1835
Edward Bradley Conspiracy,Theft 1837
Harvey Bradshaw Petit Larceny 1835
David Brady Theft 1832
VanRenselear Brandt Petit Larceny 1837
Susan Breman Vagrancy 1839
Stephen Brewster Perjury 1840
Stephen Brewster Perjury 1840
Josiah Briggs Petit Larceny 1885
John Bristol Assault Upon Officer 1840
Julian Brook Lack Of Bail 1835
Allen Brown Assault,Battery, Rape 1840
Hugh Brown Assault And Battery 1833
James Brown Petit Larceny 1834
James Brown Petit Larceny 1834
Sylvester Brown Assault And Battery 1837
Orin Burger Theft 1840
Samuel Burget Assault And Battery 1835
Samuel Burget Assault And Battery 1835
Thomas Burns Vagrancy 1885
Isaac Bussel Misdemeanor 1834
Thomas Butler Order Of Protection 1839
Charles Campbell Fraud 1834
Clark Campbell Forgery, Passing Counterf 1840
John Campbell Resisting Arrest 1847
Mark Campbell Forgery 1840
David Canfield Petit Larceny 1840
Benjamin Carlin Petit Larceny 1837
Samuel Carson Grand Larceny 1834
William Castle Assault And Battery 1834
James Cavan Assault, 2d Degree 1885
William Cay Contempt Of Court 1834
Atherine Cephez Theft 1835
Nathaniel Chamber Vagrancy 1837
Nathaniel Chamberg Theft 1837
John Chapman Petit Larceny 1834
Abram Clappes Assault And Battery 1837
Charles Clark Intoxication 1886
William Clark Assault And Battery 1839
William Clark Aiding Escape 1885
Harriet Clifford Disorderly Person 1837
Hiram Cline Assault And Battery 1840
Jane Cobb Grand Larceny 1839
Jonathan Colbert Vagrancy 1840
Jonathan Colbert Disturbing Public Peace 1839
Dennis Collins Assault And Battery 1839
Joshua Comstock Brawling 1835
Abram Conklin Petit Larceny 1837
Joseph Conly Theft 1834
John Connally Disorderly Person 1885
Beriah Cooley Assault And Battery 1837
Chauncey Cooly Petit Larceny 1834
Felix Corron Assault And Battery 1834
Anne Cowan Disorderly, Bawdy House 1840
Jesse Cowan Disorderly, Baudy House 1840
William Cranford Assault And Battery 1840
Joseph Crary, Jr Assault And Battery 1838
Jonas Creager Burglary 1839
Dolly Crittenden Fraud 1840
Samuel Cross Riot 1836
John Cunningham Petit Larceny 1839
Hale Dain Assault And Battery 1840
Thompson Danell Disorderly Conduct 1834
James Darling Rape 1836
James Darling Rape 1837
James Davidson Refusal To Pay Fines 1839
James Davidson Profane Oath 1839
Hale Davis Fraud 1840
Henry Davis Attempted Manslaughter 1834
Henry Davis Attempted Murder 1834
Henry Davis Assault And Battery 1834
Henry Davis Discharge From Jail 1834
Samuel Davis Theft 1837
Samuel Davis Theft 1837
Henry Debon Fraud 1840
Henry Debow Fraud 1840
Henry Debow Perjury 1841
George DeMont Petit Larceny 1834
Thomas Densmore Fraud 1845
Isaac Depew Theft 1836
Chauncey Derby Fraud 1839
Chauncey Derby Release From Jail 1839
Samuel DeWitt Perjury 1839
Dewitt Clint Dickinson Riot 1836
Joseph Dilks Perjury 1840
Julian Dilsworth Released From Jail 1835
John Dockstator Petit Larceny 1834
William Dorsey Assault And Battery 1847
James Douglass Assault And Battery 1845
John Dowling Unliscensed Liquor 1842
Jerry Dox Assault And Battery 1839
Wlm Harrison Doyen Father Of Bastard 1835
David Dubois 1835
George Duckenfield Passing Counterfeit 1840
George Duckinfield Forgery 1840
Thomas Duffy Intoxication 1885
Samuel Ealeston Larceny 1839
Edward L Eastman Vagrancy 1840
Emerson Edger Malicious Trespass 1835
Albert Edgewater Burglary 1836
Edward Edins Assault, 3d Degree 1885
Elizabeth Edmonston Trial Notice 1834
Elsworth E Edwards Disorderly Person 1839
Mary Elliot Disorderly Person 1837
Burt Ellis Fraud 1885
Timothy Ensign Assault And Battery 1838
Moses Farnum Assault And Battery 1835
James M Farr Grand Larceny 1840
David Feira Petit Larceny 1846
Perry Ferrington Riot 1840
George Fisher Conspiracy 1834
John Fisher Vagrancy 1885
William Fitzgerald Assault 3d Degree 1886
Hezekia Fleming Petit Larceny 1840
Sally Fletcher Bawdy House 1835
Julius Ford Debt 1834
Julius Ford Debt 1834
Stephen Fowler Conspiracy 1834
Albert Francis Trespass On The Case 1839
Harrison Francisco Riot 1835
Luke French Assault 1840
Luke French Riot 1840
Irwin Fuller Riot 1847
John Fuller Assault, Intent To Ravish 1838
James Furst Vagrancy 1885
Joseph Gardner Petit Larceny 1834
Joseph Garret Petit Larceny 1833
Henry Garrison Asaault And Battery 1837
Polly Gayton Prostitution 1837
Joseph Gerry Theft 1834
James Gillet Assault And Battery 1835
Ralph Gillett Vagrancy 1834
Charles Gilman Assault And Battery 1845
Ferdinand Gladding Theft 1840
Elizabeth Goodale Theft 1837
Ira Gould Assumpsit Plea 1834
Eliza Green Vagrancy 1837
Eliza Green Grand Larceny 1839
Elizabeth Green Lack Of Bail 1836
John R Green Petit Larceny 1837
Daniel Gregory Petit Larceny 1835
Fanny Gregory Assault And Battery 1837
John Griffith Petit Larceny 1886
David Griswold Release From Jail 1835
James Guile Disorderly Person 1840
George Haley 1840
John Hall Petit Larceny 1834
John Hall Theft 1835
John Hall Vagrancy 1837
William Hall Vagrancy 1839
William Hall Vagrancy 1839
Moriah Hampshire Lack Of Bail 1835
Charles Harbeck Trial Notice 1834
Ovid Hard Grand Larceny 1835
Ovid Hard Theft 1835
Sarah Hardey Lack Of Bail 1836
Henry Hardy Petit Larceny 1839
John Hardy Petit Larceny 1837
Sarah Hardy Disorderly Person 1837
Adam Harrington Disorderly House 1834
Elizabeth Harrington Disorderly House 1834
James Harrington Discharge From Prison 1834
James Harrington Assault And Battery 1834
David Harris Burglary 1839
David Harris Petit Larceny 1839
Jacob Harris Burglary 1840
Levi Harris Sale Of Stolen Property 1839
Thomas Harris Grand Larceny 1834
Thomas Harris Accessory To Burglary 1834
Thomas Harris Grand Larceny 1834
Thomas Harris Burglary 1834
Thomas Harris Accessory Before The Fact 1834
Thomas Harris Burglary 1834
Thomas Harris Burglary 1834
Thomas Harris Grand Larceny 1834
Cephas Harvey Petit Larceny 1835
Frederick Hatch Bastard Child Support 1839
George Hathaway Rape 1840
John Hawkins Petit Larceny 1839
Michael Hawkins Intoxication 1886
Henry Hawley Theft 1835
Nancy Heminway Felony 1835
John Henderson Non Assumpsit Plea 1834
Abbot Hendrickson Forgery And Counterfeitin 1832
William Herrick Petit Larceny 1837
Henry Herriman Riot 1837
Hezekiah Hersey Petit Larceny 1839
Electa Hibbard Petit Larceny 1834
James Hicks Assault And Battery 1840
William Hilbrook Petit Larceny 1839
Hugh Hodge Grand Larceny 1834
John Hodge Grand Larceny 1834
John Hodge Grand Larceny 1834
Eldridge Holden Assault And Battery 1835
George Holden Disorderly Person 1885
Sleah Holmes 1840
Henry Holsle Disturbing Peace 1840
John Horan Vagrancy 1885
James Horram Material Witness 1834
Ganet Hortright Riot 1836
John Howard Petit Larceny 1834
John Howard Theft 1834
Simeon Howe Burglary 1838
Anthony Hoyt Misdemeanor 1835
Joshua Huall Conspiracy To Cheat 1837
Ann Hubbard Diorderly Person 1834
Bradley Hubbard Burglary 1834
Bradley Hubbard Burglary 1834
Bradley Hubbard Grand Larceny 1834
Bradley Hubbard Burglary 1834
Bradley Hubbard Burglary 1834
Bradley Hubbard Burglary 1834
Bradley Hubbard Accessory Before Fact,Bur 1834
Bradley Hubbard Accessory Before Fact 1834
Bradley Hubbard Grand Larceny 1834
Bradley Hubbard Burglary 1835
Bradley Hubbard Burglary 1834
Ncer Humphrey Riot 1836
Hunt Jail Break, Forgery 1835
Rachel Huntly Material Witness 1834
Philo Hurd Petit Larceny 1834
Bradley Huubard Burglary 1834
Benjamin Ingraham Lack Of Bail 1835
Julia Ingram Vagrancy 1837
Nelson Jacob Fraud W Intent To Theft 1837
Daniel James Lack Of Bail 1835
James Janes Riot 1837
Alison Jarvis Disorderly Person 1834
Betsy Jarvis Disorderly Person 1839
Sally Jarvis Disturbing Peace 1835
Barzilla Javiz Vagrancy 1837
David Jenkins Unliscensed Sale Alcohol 1832
Agnes Johnson Disorderly Person 1834
Agnes Johnson Disorderly Person 1834
Agnes Johnson Vagrancy 1835
Harvey Johnson Petit Larceny 1839
John Johnson Petit Larceny 1832
John Johnson Grand Larceny 1834
Julia Johnson Disorderly Person 1834
Permelia Johnson Theft 1840
Robert Johnson Threat To Life 1839
Samuel Johnson Theft 1837
Isaac Joiner Larceny 1834
Elizabeth Judson Disturbing Peace 1840
John Keith Disturbing Peace 1839
Robert Kelly Petit Larceny 1837
Ezra Kennedy Theft 1840
Daniel Ketchem Gaming House 1847
Sally Kimball Fraud 1840
William Kimber Fraud 1840
Elizabeth King House Of Prostitution 1837
Elizabeth King Vagrancy 1837
Henry King Lack Of Bail 1836
Samuel Kingsley Assault And Battery 1845
Elias Kingsly Petit Larceny 1835
John Kirhlar Disorderly Conduct 1834
John Kishlar Discharge From Jail 1834
Frederich Kishler,Jr Assault And Battery 1837
Mehittalle Knapp Assault And Battery 1838
Nathan Knapp Burglary Third Degree 1838
Anthony Koyt Conspiracy 1834
James Lackemby Threat Of Bodily Harm 1834
Anne Lampheir Assault And Battery 1845
Caleb Lane Assault And Battery 1837
Caleb Lane Assault And Battery 1837
Thomas Langley Theft 1833
John Lauler Vagrancy 1886
Charles Lawrence Forgery 1837
James Leckemby Discharge From Jail 1834
James Leckenby Threat Of Bodily Harm 1834
Alexander Lee Disorderly House 1834
Alexander Lee Diorderly Person 1834
Alexander Lee Lack Of Bail Money 1835
Alexander Lee Lack Of Bail 1836
Alexander Lee Lack Of Bail 1839
Asa Lee Conterfeiting 1837
Edward Leille Assault And Battery 1837
Lucius Leonard Riot 1837
David Lester Petit Larceny 1833
Ebenezer Lewis Refusal To Serve 1837
Phebe Lewis Disorderly Person 1834
Phoebe Lewis Prostitution 1834
Phoebe Lewis Disorderly Person 1835
Mary Lines Vagrancy 1840
Lucinda Loda Vagrancy 1835
Lucinda Loda Vagrancy 1835
Lucinda Loda Lack Of Bail 1835
Stephen Loomis Assault And Battery 1832
John Love Assault And Battery 1838
Horton Loveland Theft 1840
William Lucas Grand Larceny 1835
Phoebe Luvis Protitution 1837
Ichabon Lyon Resisting Arrest 1847
Jacob Martin Misdemeanor 1835
Jacob Martin Grand Larceny 1839
Irish Mary Disorderly Person 1834
Harriett Mason Grand Larceny 1840
Dan Mather Petit Larceny 1834
Arwin Matteson Lack Of Bail 1837
Oliver Matthews Insane And Dangerous 1840
Erwin Mattison Riot 1835
Louisa Mattison Disorderly Person 1837
Benjamin Mc Allister Theft 1840
Daniel Mc Intyre Assault And Battery 1845
Allen McArthur Burglary 1840
Allen McArthur Arson 1840
Elijah McArthur Lack Of $300 Bond 1835
John McArthur Burglary 1840
Henry McCall Burglary 1839
Leonard Mcclure Assault And Battery 1840
James McDonald Drunkeness 1839
Mary McLauflin Petit Larceny 1834
John McLean Fraud 1837
James Mcnut Grand Larceny 1847
Elijah Michell Burglary 1847
Eleazer Miles,Jr Prison Escape 1840
Benjamin Millard Grand Larceny 1835
Aaron Miller Unpaid Court Costs 1839
Nelson Miller Arson Third Degree 1840
Nelson Miller Grand Larceny 1840
Nelson Miller Abetting Escape 1840
Solomon Miller Lack Of Bail 1836
David Mills Petit Larceny 1833
David Mills Bigamy 1835
Robert Mills Petit Larceny 1839
Cataline Mingo Petit Larceny 1834
James Minzie Petit Larceny 1837
James Minzie Material Witness 1837
Nancy Misconi Petit Larceny 1836
Erastus Mitchel Forgery, Counterf. 1839
John Monier Threat To Person 1834
John Monier Discharged On Bail 1834
Jefferson Moore Misdemeanor 1835
William Moore Petit Larceny 1835
Martin More Grand Larceny 1835
George Morey Riot 1836
John Morgan Perjury 1840
George Moses Riot 1840
George Mosher Riot 1840
Henry Mosher Assault And Battery 1846
Luther Mosier Fraud 1839
Morgan Mosier Assault And Battery 1840
Daniel Murphy Assault And Battery 1837
Daniel Murphy Assault And Battery 1837
Daniel Newell Petit Larceny 1839
Jonathan Nicholson Theft 1840
Sleuman Niles Petit Larceny 1839
John Northrup Assault And Battery 1835
Timothy O'brien Assault And Battery 1839
William Orlander Petit Larceny 1834
Dyer Ormsby Disobedience 1837
Charles Otter Vagrancy 1885
Lusha Paine Prostitution 1839
Willson Paine Riot 1847
Eli Palmer Embezzlement 1840
Hannah Parker Assault And Battery 1835
John Payne Assault And Battery 1842
Sir Lyman Perrim Forgery 1836
John Perry Petit Larceny 1834
Melchior Pervalcas Petit Larceny 1834
Chloe Peters Petit Forgery 1840
Wilson Peters Vagrancy 1835
Melchior Pevalcas Theft 1834
Melchior Pevalesy Theft 1834
Leicester Phelps Debt 1834
Leicester Phelps Assumpsit Plea 1834
Seymour Phelps Debt 1834
William Phelps Debt 1834
Lewis Pierce Theft 1832
Benjamin Pitsby Assault And Battery 1834
Noel Porter Fraud 1839
Robert Post Riot 1837
Julia Ann Potter Disorderly Person 1838
Oscar Powell Riot 1840
Thompson Powell Assault W. Intent To Kill 1840
Vernon Power Fraud 1834
Joseph Powers Assault And Battery 1834
Joseph Powers Rape 1834
Joseph Pratt Disorderly Person 1840
John Price Petit Larceny 1835
John C Price Theft 1840
David Priswold Fraud 1835
Thomas Pritchard Petit Larceny 1835
William Pritchard Assault And Battery 1839
William Pritchard Assault And Battery 1839
Isaac Proctor Passing Counterfeit Money 1838
Caleb Putnam Felony & Grand Larceny 1835
Caleb Putnam Theft 1835
James Qextin Intoxication 1885
William Ramsey Theft 1835
Benjamin Reed Theft 1835
Robert Reed Theft 1837
Joseph Reynolds Petit Larceny 1835
Charles Rhoades False Pretenses 1840
Charity A Rice Theft 1840
William Rice Petit Larceny 1839
John Richmond Theft 1837
Electra Rifford Vagrancy 1836
Charles Riper Misdemeanor 1837
George Robinson Burglary 1836
Levi Robinson In Lieu Of $200 Recogniz. 1832
Andrew Robison Assault And Battery 1833
William Robison Petit Larceny 1837
John Rodney Forgery 1835
John Rodney Felony 1835
John Rodney Felony 1835
Sally Roe Notorious Offender 1834
Eliza Rogers Prostitution 1834
Eliza Rogers Disorderly Person 1834
Charity Roice Petit Larceny 1835
Osean Ronell Riot 1840
Charles Ronson Intoxication 1885
Frederick Russell Petit Larceny 1885
Isaac Russell Fraud 1839
Isaac Russell Fraud 1834
Isaac Russell Fraud 1839
Timothy Ryan Intoxication 1885
William Sackett Assault W. Intent To Kill 1840
Lucinda Saddy Prostitution 1834
Samuel Salter Theft 1837
William Salter Petit Larceny 1834
James Saxton Intoxication 1885
Robert Sayers Petit Larceny 1833
Martin Schutt Burglary 1840
Nelson Seager Threat Of Bodily Harm 1834
Nelson Seager Threat To Life 1834
Orson Semond Theft 1837
Joseph Sergent Bastard Child 1835
Frederick Shafer Petit Larceny 1837
Benjamin Shanten Disorderly Conduct 1837
Rachael Shanten Disorderly House 1837
Frederick Shaver Petit Larceny 1835
Enos Sheldon Burglary 1840
David Sholes Intoxication 1885
Benjamin Shorter Lack Of Bail 1836
Martin Simonds Petit Larceny 1835
Alvera Simpson Prostitution 1834
Alvira Simpson Prostitution 1834
Joseph Simpson House Of Protitution 1834
Joseph Simpson Disorderly Person 1834
Sally Singer Petit Larceny 1837
John Slaherty Disturbing Peace 1840
John Sliney Held For Examination 1885
Andrew Smith Fraud 1840
James Smith Fraud 1839
John P Smith Petit Larceny 1837
Thomas Smith Stealing Ride On RR 1885
William Smith Petit Larceny 1838
Lucinda Soddy Disorderly Person 1834
Benjamin Southerick Misdemeanor 1835
Benjamin Southerick Misdemeanor 1835
Jacob Spoor Theft 1837
Olive Sprague Petit Larceny 1838
Ebenezer Spring Vagrancy 1840
Daniel St.Clair Petit Larceny 1837
Daniel Stamp Perjury 1834
John Standish Assault And Battery 1836
Ann Stanley Theft 1835
Ann Stanley Theft 1835
Henry Stanley Theft 1835
Robert Stanley Dressed Phantastically 1837
Phineas Stephens Counterfeit 1839
Robert Stevens Fraud 1840
Robert Stevens Petit Larceny 1840
Robert Stevens Fraud 1839
Robert C Stevens Fraud 1839
John Stewart Intoxication 1886
Jane Stiles Assault And Battery 1837
Thomas Stone Assisting Escape 1835
Samantha Sullivan Assault And Battery 1840
William Sullivan Assault,Attempted Rape 1839
John Summers Vagrancy 1834
Thomas Sutton Petit Larceny 1838
David Swan Misdemaenor 1847
Archibald Swartout Riot 1835
Eliza Jane Taft Vagrancy 1835
Reuben Taft Fraud 1839
Ezekiel Taylor Debt On Bond 1834
Jared Taylor Assault And Battery 1832
Henry Tessyman Assault And Battery 1840
Albert Thayer Petit Larceny 1839
Sarah Thomas Misdemeanor 1837
Allen Thompson Drunkeness 1835
John Thompson Riot 1837
Robert Thompson Vagrancy 1837
Robert Thompson Vagrancy 1837
Joshua Thrall Lack Of Baill 1838
Joshua Thrall Intent To Jump Bail 1838
Stephen Tinkey Narr In Assumpsit 1834
James Tooker Grand Larceny 1835
Jonas Towae 1834
Abraham Turek Threat To Mary Turek 1839
Abram Turk Disturbing Peace 1840
John Van Horn Petit Larceny 1840
Martin VanAuken Vagrancy 1834
Thomas O VanAuken Vagrancy 1835
Maryann VanAukin Postitution 1834
Verter Vanderheyden Fraud 1840
Verter Vanderheyden Assault And Battery 1840
Gilbert VanHorn Petit Larceny 1834
Gilbert VanHorn Larceny 2d Offense 1834
Gilbert VanHorn Theft 1837
John VanHorn Petit Larceny 1835
Chauncey VanKleck Vagrancy 1834
Levi Vealy Jailbreak 1840
Benjamin Velie Passing Counterfeit 1840
John Vetter Petit Larceny 1835
Benjamin Viler Forgery 2d Degree 1839
Jonathan Wadley Theft 1840
Thomas Warburton Assault And Battery 1840
John Warfield False Pretenses 1840
Abraham Waring Assault And Battery 1833
Jehhaniah Waring Assault And Battery 1833
Jane Warren Vagrancy 1840
Jane Warren Disorderly Person 1840
Robert Weir Vagrancy 1885
Francis West Forgery 1834
John Westcott Vagrancy 1840
Benjamin Whalley Forgery 1840
Edward Wheeler Petit Larceny 1837
Leonard Whitback Release From Jail 1835
Leonard Whitbeck Assault And Battery 1835
Henry White Assault And Battery 1839
Elizabeth Whitford Vagrancy 1837
Chauncey Whitmore Theft 1834
Elizabeth Whitmore Disorderly Conduct 1837
Eliphalet Wilcox Riot 1836
William W Wiley Petit Larceny 1839
Henry Williams Vagrancy 1837
John Williams Vagrancy 1885
Raymond Williams Assault And Battery 1835
Raymond Williams Assault, Intent To Murder 1835
Samuel Williams Father Of Bastard 1835
Samuel Williams Discharge From Jail 1835
Irish Mary Williard Prostitution 1834
Mary Willson Lack Of Bail 1837
Micah Willson Assault And Battery 1840
Robert Willson Forgery,Counterfeit 1838
Samuel Willson Assault And Battery 1846
Adam Wilson Disorderly Conduct 1834
Adam Wilson Lack Of Bail 1835
William Wilson Vagrancy 1835
William Winchel Threat Of Injury Of Wife 1837
William Winchel Discharge From Jail 1837
Nancy Wixcom Petit Larceny 1836
Edward Wood Threat To Life 1840
Johnathan Woodruff Petit Larceny 1837
Frank Young Stealing Ride On RR 1885

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