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The Brooke and Hemmingway Families

Modified Register for John BROOKE


First Generation

1. John BROOKE was born in London.

John worked at the Thersellers Company. It is safe to assume that they were born
in the early 1500s or late 1400s.

John married Elizabeth <unkn> BROOKE .

They had the following children:

+ 2 F i. Joan BROOKE .

3 F ii. Margaret BROOKE was born in Royston, England .

Her will is dated 1634.

Margaret married John FOOTE son of Robert FOOTE in 1581 in Royston, England . John was born in Royston, England .

He was a citizen and grocer of London (will dated 1616)

Second Generation

2. Joan BROOKE (John).

Her will is dated 1634.

Joan married Robert FOOTE son of Robert FOOTE. Robert was born in Shalford, England .

(will 1608-9) He was a yoeman.

Robert and Joan had the following children:

+ 4 F i. Mary FOOTE .

Third Generation

4. Mary FOOTE (Joan BROOKE, John).

Mary married John HEWES in 1602 in England. John was born estimated 1575. He died about 1621.

Mary's parents were Robert Foote of Shalford, England (will 1608-9) who was a yoeman,
and Joan Brooke. John Foote (Roberts brother), a citizen and grocer of London
(will dated 1616) was born in Royston. He married Joan Brooks sister Margaret
Brooke in 1581. Her will is dated 1634. John and Robert Foote's father was Robert
Foote of Royston - nothing else is known. The Brooke sister's parents were John
Brooke of London, and Elizabeth unknown. John worked at the Thersellers Company.
It is safe to assume that they were born in the early 1500s or late 1400s.

John and Mary had the following children:

+ 5 F i. Elizabeth HEWES was born estimated 1615. She died on 2 Feb 1686.

Fourth Generation

5. Elizabeth HEWES (Mary FOOTE, Joan BROOKE, John) was born estimated 1615. She died on 2 Feb 1686 in Roxbury, Mass..


Elizabeth married Ralph HEMINGWAY on 5 Jul 1634. Ralph was born estimated 1614.

I believe there were three sons.

Ralph and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 6 M i. Joshua HEMINGWAY was born before 9 Apr 1643.

Fifth Generation

6. Joshua HEMINGWAY (Elizabeth HEWES, Mary FOOTE, Joan BROOKE, John) was born before 9 Apr 1643.

Joshua married Johanna EVANS on 16 Jan 1667. Johanna was born estimated 1647. She died about 1675.

They had the following children:

+ 7 F i. Joanna HEMINGWAY was born on 21 Sep 1670. She died on 23 Dec 1748.

Sixth Generation

7. Joanna HEMINGWAY (Joshua HEMINGWAY, Elizabeth HEWES, Mary FOOTE, Joan BROOKE, John) was born on 21 Sep 1670 in Roxbury, Mass.. She died on 23 Dec 1748.

Resource : Ainsworth Families in America (AFA).

Joanna married Edward AINSWORTH on 11 Jan 1687. Edward was born about 1652 in England. He died on 5 Mar 1740.

This account comes from Ambrose Ainsworth and passed to me though my uncle
Clarence Ainsworth Benson.
begin quote ....................
The Ainsworth family are of English origin. The earliest known data of record is that of the
birth of Edward, near Springfield, Massachusetts. It is supposed, but not Known for sure,
that Edward's parents came from England about 1654. Evidence indicates that all of the
descendants of Edward resided in Massachusetts until 1830, when the Amasa
Ainsworth, born 1776, and his three sons by his second wife, migrated to Western New York,
settling at Bloomfield, Ontario County. In the year 1858 two of these sons, William and
Whitman, migrated to Monroe, Wisconsin. The other brother, Francis, returned to
Massachusetts in 1844. All the Ainsworths in the United States (not numerous) are supposed
to have descended from Edward's parents. This record of the Ainsworth family was
originally compiled by Ambrose F. Ainsworth, and at the time of that writing, the first day of
march, 1919, he was the only surviving son of Francis Ainsworth. Being a printer, the type
setting for this family record was done by his own hand, in the eightieth year of his life, in the
office of his son, Frank J. Ainsworth, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He Began his printing
apprenticeship in January, 1856, at Canandaigua, ontario County, New York. It was his wish
that certain heirlooms be handed down and the family records continued. Three of the men
named in this family record were in the Revolutionary Army, one, Luther, was killed in the
siege if Boston, and another fought at Bunker Hill. A recurrence of the same first name in
multiple generations is noted. Some of the most popular being, Nathan, Luther and Amasa.
The family heirlooms contain a portrait of Hannah Ainsworth taken in 1851, and is a
daguerreotype photograph, one of the first types developed for cameras. There is also a bit of
red fox furs, which were wedding gifts to Hannah Ainsworth, some plaid linen made by her in
1812 from flax grown on her father's farm near Grauton, Connecticut. She was responsible
for the spinning, coloring and weaving of this cloth by hand, a remarkable achievement.
end quote ..................
Further information is taken from the published genealogy entitled "Ainsworth Families
in America" (AFA).
Edward was born in England and arrived in Roxbury, Mass. before his marriage to Johannah
Hemingway who was born in Roxbury. He came to this country when he was asked by his
uncle Daniel to come and become his heir. They removed from Roxbury to Woodstock in
Worcester County Mass. after the birth of their eighth child. Woodstock later came under
jurisdiction of the state of Conn. There Edward was a successful husbandman and when he

became too old to run the farm he turned it over to his oldest son with the stipulation, which
was the custom of the day, that maintenance be provided for him and Johanna for the rest of
their lives.
The Ainsworth family undoubtedly takes its name from the chapelry Ainsworth
(i.e. Aynes or Haynes enclosure) commonly called Cockey Moor, which is
situated in the Parish of Middleton, Salford Hundred, in the County Palestine of
Lancaster, England.
So long ago as 1369, A.D., John Ainsworth was of that ilk and owned lands there,
but Baynes Directory for 1825 gave no one of the name as an inhabitant---there were
then no Ainsworths in Ainsworth. The place was always a small one, and the census of
1881 states its population as only 1729 and its area as 1309 acres.
Burke's General Armory gives four coats of arms. A picture is included on my web site
at or in the book "Ainsworth Families in America".
Every war here has seen the Ainsworth name repeated on its muster rolls, and the
number who died in the French and Indian War and the American Revolution seems out of
Proportion to the number who bear the name.
The book "Ainsworth Families in America" is limited to the genealogy of those who
migrated to the new world.
One Anchor Ainsworth, by his attorney, Henry Rashley, sold his house plot in Boston
March 30, 1647, to Joseph Phippeni. There is nothing else to show that Anchor himself
was ever in New England, and nothing to suggest any conection between him and other
Ainsworths, except the fact that about the same time Daniel Ainsworth appears on
the records as the owner of lands in Roxbury.
Daniel Ainsworth and his wife Alice were in Roxbury as early as 1647, he then being the
owner of a house and home lot of 12 acres besides 20 or more other acres. He died
Nov. 13, 1680, leaving no will, and his property was appraised at (L198). Alice died Jan. 9,
1684-5, and the estate, real and personal, was again inventoried and valued at (L192.04.02).
Among the chattels valued each time was a bible which it might be interesting to see.
There is no record of any children born to Daniel and Alice.
Feb. 13, 1684-5, Mr. Gore of Roxbury was appointed Administrator in place of [the name
is lost but probably it was Alice] "in behalf of the heir or next of kin," and there is nothing
on the probate records to show what became of the property; but, there is little doubt that the
estate passed by operation of law --- not by deed --- to the next of kin, or that Edward
Ainsworth was this next of kin.
Daniel's homestead when he died consisted of a house and twenty acres adjoining,
a part of this land being probably the ten acres of home lot that he bought of John Stow
[or Stave] and the same that Daniel morgaged in 1649 to Philip Eliot: and no doubt the
home lot was the same named in Roxbury Book of Possessions before 1654 as owned
by Daniel Ainsworth and there described as "bounded northerly by a highway."
November 4, 1664, he deeded to Philip Curtis twelve acres of meadow, bounding the
same on the west by other land of Daniel.
Resource : Ainsworth Families in America (AFA) #1.
Edward's will was dated Aug. 10, 1737 and proved Aug. 18, 1741.

Edward and Joanna had the following children:

8 M i. Joshua AINSWORTH was born on 22 Jan 1688. He died on 25 Jan 1688.

9 F ii. Hannah AINSWORTH was born on 21 Jan 1689.
Hannah married John JOHNSON on 2 Mar 1716. John was born in Brookfield, Mass. .

+ 10 M iii. Edward AINSWORTH was born on 18 Aug 1693. He died on 16 Jun 1758.

11 F iv. Elizabeth AINSWORTH was born on 18 Nov 1695.
Elizabeth married John JENNINGS on 16 Mar 1732. John was born in Woodstock.

12 M v. Daniel AINSWORTH was born on 7 Oct 1697. He died about 1708.

Daniel died from rattlesnake bite.

13 F vi. Joanna AINSWORTH was born on 31 Dec 1699.

resources : Ainsworth Families in America.

14 F vii. Joanna AINSWORTH was born on 5 Oct 1700.

Johanna married Twice. Ebenezer Holmes on 1-JUL-1719.
She married Maturin Allard on 2-JUL-1724.

Joanna married (1) Ebenezer HOLMES on 1 Jul 1719.
Joanna married (2) Maturin ALLARD on 2 Jul 1724.

15 F viii. Judith AINSWORTH was born on 25 Jan 1702.
Judith married James MARCY on 2 May 1723.

16 F ix. Dorcas AINSWORTH was born on 14 Apr 1706.
Dorcas married Jacob CHILD . Jacob was born in Woodstock, Conn..

+ 17 M x. Thomas AINSWORTH was born on 15 Apr 1708. He died before 4 Feb 1794.

18 F xi. Mary AINSWORTH was born estimated 1710.
Mary married John GREEN on 19 Apr 1731. John was born in Brookfield, Mass. .

19 M xii. Smith AINSWORTH was born on 25 Mar 1712.


+ 20 M xiii. Nathan AINSWORTH was born on 20 Jul 1715. He died on 24 Nov 1776.

For further generations see Ainsworth family.


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