The Family Milliken

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margaret francis milliken

Above is Margaret Francis Milliken (Oct 7 1901) at 6 months.
I assume with her mother, Mrs. Charles Milliken (Margaret Townley)


Isabelle b. 1897 dau. of Hattie Belle Milliken and William Woodworth


Mortimer Delville Milliken b. 1805
This was taken in 1896 on his 91st birthday.

Reverse side inscription.


Mildred Martin McCrum, b. 1885, dau. of Sarah A. Milliken.



I am not very knowledgeable in regard to photography, but I
believe this picture of Julia is taken using some kind of silver
process that preceded the tin type. On the right is Dallas Cook
who married Julia's grand daughter, Mary Julia Milliken.

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