The Gates Family Album

Mary Gates christened in Hingham, Norfolk, England, 15 October 1636, died about 1678; married John Maynard, in Sudbury, Massachusetts, 5 April 1658, [NEHGR, 17:256].  Following Mary's death, Maynard married Sarah (Blanding) Keyes, widow of Elias Keyes.  In January 1657, during a church service, Mary disputed some statements made by the Rev. Joseph Rowlandson, minister in Lancaster.   Upon evidence of John Prescott and others, the court convicted her of " bold and unbecoming speeches used in the public assemblies, and especially against Mr. Rowlandson."  She acknowledged the offense and was discharged upon paying fees for the attendance of the witnesses.  See Marvin, History of the Town of Lancaster and Nourse, The Early Records of Lancaster, Massachusetts, pp. 46-48.

 Uncle John Gates with cousin Howard and Beatrice



Gates Home in Wis., William is brother of Daniel N. Gates, my great grandfather



Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brown Gates and their farm in Hopewell

Aunt Sarah wife of John Gates of Waterloo, Iowa


John Cook Gates of Waterloo, Iowa, b. 1838
He is brother to my great grandmother, Mary Milcah Gates, b. 1835
Mary is dau. of Joseph Brown Gates of Hopewell, b. 1802;
Joseph is son of Daniel of Preston, Conn. b. 1744.


A man who is outstanding in his field. The inscription written by my
grandmother, Esther P. Gates says "This is my uncle William Gates at
his house in Beloit, Wis.. He visited us at Owls nest farm in Hopewell,
when he was over 80 yrs. old. He came with his dau.. Father Cook (Dallas)
took him for a swift ride behind one of father's race horces. It fairly took
his breath away, he said.


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